Rustic Lust

Cock-a-doodle-doo Cock-a-doodle-doo chirrup, chirrup,  chirp, chirp, chirp, tweet I opened my eyes and roll out from bed Pulling the curtain and let early rays come in Gee, that was super beginning out of my everyday world I had lived in No notification! No mention!! No ding ding!!! Pure bliss, you and yourselves only Influx of … Continue reading Rustic Lust

This is how we are doing? Right!!!

So, early in the morning, I saw this photo flowing out in the social media. So many thoughts came in mind. Here, I have written my expression and thoughts as it is: This is nothing but a way to gain the publicity which they have become very successful to. If i have to say, this … Continue reading This is how we are doing? Right!!!

Documentary Review: An Inconvenient Truth

“An Inconvenient Truth”, a documentary prepared by  Davis Guggenheim starring Al Gore, is a powerful video about global warming and climate change which preach the world about on-going global warming and climate changes caused mainly my anthropogenic activities. The 97 minutes long movie released at May 24th, 2006 consists of multimedia presentation on Climate Changes … Continue reading Documentary Review: An Inconvenient Truth

On legalization of Beef Meat

(Note: for any hardcore Hindu Nationalist/ extremely religious sensitive people, it is better advised to leave this article as soon as possible. For those swinging in between 'liberalism, secularism, accepting of multi-culturalism' and 'Hindu Nationalism' , well you can actually test yourself and find your position. This is my views, you can comment but do note … Continue reading On legalization of Beef Meat

Political sheeps


The owners of ‘Nepal Pet-shop’ in Naya-Baneshwor are having a peculiar problem in their hands. Unlike other caged avian, the parrots in here do not dream of an open sky or any other earthly pleasures, for they had discovered something even more beloved, even more enticing, politics. After continuously overhearing the passers-bye, pedestrians and politicians, every parrot in the shop had formed a strong political opinion, right under the nose of the bewildered owners. They had associated themselves with two of the biggest parties of recent time. And so, a strong faction of two opposing groups had been formed, the likes of which anyone had ever seen, because of this, parrots in the shop were in constant argument with each other, mechanically repeating anything and everything. Just today, this happened.

Parrot 1: Leftists
Parrot 2: Right is right
Parrot 1: Republic
Parrot 2: Democracy
Parrot 1: Our turn, our turn

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