An Amazing Bus Ride 

The regular day. In a rush.Preparing to attend my class at Rampur. I along with my friend was walking faster and faster to catch the bus. We got into the regular public bus, filled with people, stinks all around. But this time we were lucky to have at least two seats at the last row.

We sat on those seats. There were three kids (most be within 5-8 years) occupying windows on both sides. Eldest one, who must probably be their sister, brought some oranges. They were fully enjoying the taste of those oranges. We were there watching them and their love, love at the purest form. Suddenly one orange fell from their bag and one boy was searching for it. Had it been us, we  wouldn’t have bother to search the orange. But for them, it was more than orange, may be that could be their full diet of the day.

We looked at each other with grimace. He asked,“Can you see them?” I replied,” Enjoying in their own world, having fun with little things they can call their own.”

Actually, I was closely observing them. Ragged clothes, un-groomed hair and dirt in the body. Eldest two had torn sandals (what we call chappal in Nepal) and youngest had just lost it.

Some of the questions like who are they, where they are from, where they were heading, who their parents were all popped up in my head. I could not utter a word seeing them in such condition. This was the first time I ever saw anyone in such pity condition.

“Brother Brother, dirt in my eyes. Dirt in my eyes” said the youngest boy, who was sitting next to me and at the side of the window. Some dirt had entered in his eyes which I could remove easily. Then I asked him his name. “Sunil. My name is Sunil” he replied.

I tried to ask the surname and every detail possible but staring at those beautiful and innocent eyes which might have seen uncountable pain that I wouldn’t have even imagined, I was not able put further my queries. Looking at him, I felt like he wanted to share some thing with me.

All of sudden, his sister shouted, “Look our previous dad’s house” pointing small hut on the left side of the road. I was freeze momentarily. The word ‘Previous Dad’ continued to echo in my ear. By that time we had already come to cancer hospital.

We two were toally paused. We continued to observe their activity. They shared another piece of orange with each other and offered to us as well. They talked with each other in very good language. Me and the youngest boy was watching the side view from the window while my friend was talking with the eldest boy. Their sister was busy in counting the money to give it to conductor.

She said, “oh no. we are short by this much amount. Now what.” Wordiness and fear was in her words. We just happened to hace small glance with each other and gave her some sort of assurance.

We had already arrived Mangalpur by that time. The conductor was taking bus fare from the passengers. The young girl was counting the money and asking her brother to sit on the lap( this is common culture of  reducing bus fare herein Nepal). We laughed looking her little lie. The conductor took the bus fare of only two of us and moved ahead. The young girl was shouting loud,” Conductor, Conductor. Please come here”. The conductor acted like he didn’t listen,

We sighed. We were happy and had smile in our face. We were glad to see humanity in the conductor. We were elated to know at least there’s still left some human  in one or another form. Had the conductor asked for the charge, we had already prepared the money for them.

“Rampur college” conductor shouted loudly. We got off from the bus.Those beautiful children waved us goodbye with amazing and glowing smile in their face. “bye bye brother. See you soon” said the eldest sister. And then youngest one gave us the flying kiss. We returned them flying kiss and ran quickly to catch our class.

That made my whole day happy amid humdrum Rampur life. 



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