Against Acid attack

This poem poped up in my acid after shooting the video : Scars : Against  Acid attack


Eruption of the rage inside me
The pride of manhood  Rooting in me
The vulnerability  I saw in you
The defenseless  you
Prompted  me
I couldn’t resist  the tempetion of your  body
Couldn’t tolerate the slap in my face
I spilled in you the flame
An attempt to turn you into ashes

Thought  I destroyed you
And had my gateway to happiness
I was pushing  myself into lake of fire
Opening the Pandora Box of the misery and despair

Shattered as now I am
Remorse and regret
My only possession my wealth
The great gatsby syndrome I suffer
from having everything  and nothing

Proudly considered  my self as Hercules
Alas  I was Hades
Flashes of the sin
The pouring of the larva
Shimmers continuously
At gloomy side of my  life


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