Climate Change Model United Nations (CCMUN)

 Model United Nations (MUN) is the simulation of United Nation general assemblies and other bodies where students enter into the world of diplomacy and represent themselves as the delegates of member states. Its an academic program where students learn manners, formalities and how to communicate or express views in systematic way. That’s technical definition of the Model United Nation.

Personally, for me it’s an an exhilarating opportunities to showcase our talent of diplomacy, put forward our views in mannered way and role play as delegates.

I was so much into conducting Model United Nation in my university. its rare to find any MUN being conducted in Nepal, let alone getting participated. So instead of seeking chances i created the chance.  I was glad to have Bindu di, who was selected as facilitator for GYELS and my friend Aksana Dallakoti, both being E-gen Ambassador to make MUN happen. We had done the thoro discussion and brainstormed the idea of organising CCMUN.

We left no stone unturned to make MUN go impeccable. Afterall the topic on which we were going to discussing was drooling. ‘Royal of Stake holder in Climate Change’. We announced open call for the application. To our suprise, number of applicants surpassed our estimation. However, due to our limit physical resource and other causes, we selected 30 participants for ccMUN who were from five different college.

So after their selection, we send our ‘Delegates’ email that had full information of their assigned role, team and all other necessary information of the MUN.

We had arrangement  given below in the table:

DAY 1 (17th July,,2015)

MUN was onset formally by Bindu di explaining in detail of MUN and how we shall proceed ahead. Meanwhile I gave small speech on ‘Manners to be followed during MUN’, ‘Debatable-ness of Climate Change among different groups’. Beside, I encouraged them to drench with ‘Delegates’ avatar and give their best shot. Aksana talked about the horrendous effect of Climate Change. Delegates seated on their respective team chairs. By 2:30 we had our all delegates ready for MUN. On the very day, we had one group discussion and one team discussion. Some defending the topic and some going against. Interesting!!!

DAY 2 (18th July,2015)

On the next day, we had one final Team discussion cum resolution writing session. We detailed them about the how to write solutions, common grammars  and language structure to be used. Each representative from the team delivered their resolution. Fianlly, we bided adieu to CCMUN. We had short certificate distribution program. We were honored to have supportive and cherishing Dr. Mohan Sharma Sir( Director of Cntunining Education Center, Agriculture and Forestry University(AFU)), ever inspiring Dr. Hom Basnet sir( HoD- Microbiology, AFU) and Assistant Prof Shankher Gaire.

The resolution paper that they drafted was well balanced overloaded with brilliant ideas.. Not only did they focus on environment and climate change( which we covet a lot) but also encompassed other pressing issues  like economic and business( of which i am fervent admirer). Some of them includes: Green Climatic Funds , Biannual Nationwide Climate Change Awareness program, include CC curricula from primary level, Carbon Credit,  Established youth committee on Climate Change, use of hybrid transportation facilities with superior fuel efficiency, and so forth.

The program was thrilling. Everything went with flow. We are overwhelmed by warm responses of our youths. The main theme of the MUN was to bring youths of different walks of life together, brainstorm in the ideas of not only Climate change but also on business and research and weigh precisely to give how much importance to different issues. I believe our delegates have been successful to accomplish our mottos and did beyond that. Thank a lot for enthralling participation and energy that was seen throughout MUN.

CHHERS to Bindu di and Aksana. finally we did it 🙂


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