Earthquake relief camp : Rasuwa, Nepal

On 29 May 2015, our team of 22 along with ever inspiring  Dr. Hom Basnet sir, Department head of Microbiology (Agriculture and Forestry University), went to Rasuwa to execute our earthquake relief camp.

Early morning we packed the relief materials which encompass peas, beans, pulses, iodine content salt, glucose and lactose for mothers/children, T-shirts (thanks to you Eco gen ^_^ ) and list goes on. We heartily thank Aditya( E-gen member)  for the gracious support.

It was a ride of about 7 hours on the mini trucks.Bumpy and winding roads.

Around 1 PM, we reached our destination. Despite the tremor, they cordially invited us.
Our Hom sir briefly explained about the today?s program and wasting no time, we instantly occupied ourselves with relief materials.

On the way, we saw no houses left undamaged by the quake. Tilted, cracked, toppled down!!! piles of rubbles, grains sanked!!! This got me question,?How are people managing their life?? What?s more terrifying is the frequent landslide and blocked roadways, rivers. Continuous shake might trigger GLOF.( Could be our fear but likelihood is undeniable).
Monsoon on the door. This makes condition go from bad to worst. This is too much for temperamentally nature loving Nepalese.

We had three programs on the day:

Medical Health Campaign:
Doctors assisted by nurses ran the free health camp and medicine were distributed to the needy person.

Children Friendly Campaign:
We youths launched the children friendly campaign while there  parents were lined up for the medical check up. Bindu Bhandari, Ashish Ghimire, Upakar Bhandari and I coordinated the program together.
We distributed the lovely T-shirts send to us by our own E-gen. We briefly introduced them about the Tunza Eco Generation. We circulated white papers, copies, and drawing tools to Children. They embroidered the paper with drawings of  flowers to animals, their favourite sports, and everything that poped up in their head. Some drew their favourite cartoons, some about houses, animals, birds, flowers, and even national flags. Few wrote about earthquake and their aftermaths. Adorable children, captivating pictures.

After a while, we gave them chocolates and biscuits. Finally, gave bread and eggs to them and their parents.
Adorable image with strong messageThe main theme of our child friendly campaign was to liven up their mind and somewhat deviate them from the quake effect.

Relief material distribution:
After completing, two campaign we commenced our relief campaign. To ensure judiciary distribution, our team collaborated with local youths. We listed out all the household name and called them up one by one. ?Let no one be left and no one be repeated?.
Meanwhile, there was another aftershock when relief campaign was on full fledged.

That’s how we bid relief campaign adieu.  What we did might benefit our fellow Nepali brothers and sisters for two weeks or more. Still,  Infinite things needs to be done. Houses are to be built. Barren lands to be cultivated. Bring back lost happiness and joyous moments.

Its never late to serve for a cause, for humanity.

Lets join hand in hand and stride!!!

The smiles albeit nature grievance still imprints in my mind.

We are thankful to Aditya from Sharja for supporting and funding us the campaign. Due respect to Hom Basnet sir who always fuels us with motivations and ignites the feeling of human service. Its an honor to have Bindu Bhandari sister, filled with high dignity and immense heart, as counterpart and get into action together.

Kudo to Eco-Generation for the support.

The campaign gave me handful of experience and opportunities to view and feel the victims.:/

Photos available here :


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