Hey Human, Its me nature

Dear Human,

 What are you so busy at? You are not answering my call. I see you have read the message but you never reply. Everything look okay with you but why are you being reluctant to chat with me or be in touch with me. Don’t ignore me my child.

Have I done anything wrong so you have shunned all means of communication? Or Have  I treated you so badly than my other creation? Have I ever disappointed you dear?

I have always loved you dear human. You are my best creation all I can be proud of. I took me more to craft you, to make you the finest creature. It embeded you with power of thinking. I made you survivor. Your are the hero of all my creation. That’s why I send you to Earth. To nurture it.

Hey Human, lately I see you  misbehaving. I warned you not to play with Arctic ice. But why are you diggin it. Some of your friends complained me you are using limited fossils haphazardly. I told you not to touch that. Now, my home is filled with smoke and all my other creations are agitated. Sorry my child, you have to live in smoky area.

Hey Human, why are you releasing more CFCs. Didn’t I say it was our greatest enemy. Did you know because of your this behaviour I have to open Ozone window. Sorry  it made UV rays to enter our home and cause skin disease to you. Understand it my boy, if you continue your behaviour I shall have no option left but to open all my window.

Few days back, I got called from sea. They complained me you dump all your wastes in them. I am not happy to see my other creation being disturbed by my best creation. I have taught you habit of managing wastes, haven’t I? So Reduce your waste, reuse and recycle them. And,  learn upcycling process dear.

Hey Human, have you seen the posts of Trees. I am upset to see them regularly posting against you. They have send me several messages about you cutting them down doe self greed. I created trees so they can give you shelter and provide oxygen to breathe. So they can take care of you when I am not available. Dear Human, realise it. Don’t get me disappointed.

Hey Human, Tusk are for elephant, horns for rhino and antelope, musk pod clearly for musk.Why do you carve from them. I gave you intelligence and opposite thumb as your identity. Don’t be greedy. I never taught you that. Have you ever realised how much it hurts to me when I see my other creation being threatened by Human.

 A month back group of All Animal Union came to my headquater. They were all complaining about habitat loss and their identity. Reassuring their protection, I have send them back to home Earth. Don’t make me ashamed now Human.

And yet, yesterday,  team from Birds Unions came to me to forward case against you. They complained me about shooting and destroying of their habitats. They were even showing me proof of how inhospitable you have made their habitat. They were focusing on the radiation.

Hey Human, few weeks back group of Vulture and Carnivore came shouting against Bio Amplification. In addition senior Earthworm Leader came towards me to complain about application of sulphur-chlorine filled chemicals. ‘Inhospitable condition for our body and children have forced us to protest’ they stated. In fact they have warned to cease from earth if such immoral practices are continued. How many time do I have to remind you Human that I have created ‘natural enemies’ to assist you. Dear Human, use them not unholy chemicals.

Hey Human, don’t you like honey. Bees almost decided to declare ‘Sting War’ against you if you continue to destroy their natural cycle. Come on my boy, if you love honey, love bees as well. This is my last warning, No Honey if No Bees. I can’t excuse in this matter.

Hey Human, did you know why I made plutonium, Uranium so rare. They were for the final shots and I didn’t want them to destroy everything. Dear Human, reduce your nuclear greed. I know you can. Dear Human I have made contract with sun to supply you plenty of energy. I have made agreement with winds too. By now you must have realised why I made Earth filled more with water than Land. It’s all there for you. Enjoy the plentiness. Try to make use out of it for your happiness my child.

Hey Human, I am writing this letter to you and only you.Because You only have the capability to understand me, you are my best creation. I gave you brain to make your survivor when I am not around. Follow your duties Human. Listen to your friend who are warning you frequently. And don’t make me cry.

Hoping to seeing reply from you dear.

PS I love you.

Truly yours

Caring Nature

Prepared by Rahul Acharya


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