Journey Beyond Imagination

It was same usual day of autumn. Passing the windows, rays of sun fell in my eyes. When I wake up it was just 6 o’clock of the morning. I pulled the curtain and saw children already on ground playing games. Everything seemed peach and cream. I went to balcony with my coffee and novel “The Old Man and The  Sea” by Ernest Hemmingway. At background, “Comfortably Numb” from Pink Floyd was being played.I gazed at those beautifully blooming Roses and emerging Gladiolus. Just when I was about to take another sip of my coffee, I saw huge storms raiding the cities. In a second, It engulfed me.

When I regained my conscious, I found myself encased in large preservation glass. Gas pipe was fitted in my mouth and nose and I was wearing wetless garment. I was also wired and my legs were locked. I had a green prints in my handwriting “EXT”. I was horrified. I could see no one else but myself. I started looking here and there. I tried to unlock myself.But my whole efforts became futile.

After a while I heard some noise. There were two grey-whitish species with big bulging eye, flat nose, no ears, webbed feet but opposing thumbs on hand,  wearing electronic apparel. First I  couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They were murmuring something. I couldn’t get them. All of sudden, their attention turned towards me. I said to myself, “Oh boy, Now I’m in real trouble.”  They came closer to my preservation glass and took me in floating motors.

Few minutes of ride and I was in whole new environment. The two species placed me on a extremely large “Preservation Glass Store”.  After discussing something with each other they were moving out of the Store but they continued to look at me with stern eyes till they reached the door.”That’s a great relief”, I comforted myself. But my skepticism was not flushed out.

When I looked over, I saw large flat Screen TV in which some documentary or something like that was playing. There was no sound. On one screen I saw Big Bang , huge collision of star and sun which  is generally accepted to be birth of Earth. “Hadean Eon” it was written below the screen. Then I looked into another screen. The screen was blurting out “Rodinia”, which as far as I know was super continent of Proterozoic Eon.

Next screen followed Cambrian Period, Ordovician Period, Silurian Period and so forth. These screens were all about Paleozoic era depicting the evolution of Insects, Reptiles, Fishes, Echinoderms and likewise. The origin of insects, multicellular organisms, worms and fishes looked were enticing to watch.For a while I myself forget I was trapped in Big Preservation Screen.

On the next screen, after “Permian Period” screen, there was a documentary of dinosaurs evolving and disappearing. Despite failing to assemble what is happening, I continued to watch documentry of “Mesozoic Era”.  On the next screen which was bit larger than previous one,  evolution of mammals and modern birds were shown. I could faintly listen sounds coming from this screen named “Cenozoic Era: Tertiary Period”. This time I could recognise most of the species. I was enjoying this unexpected excursion.

When I was about to watch the last screen, I heard a door opening. I was frightened to see that two species had returned back. This time they were adorned with “Platinum Plated” audio aid of about 10 cm and 7 inch screen tablet like gadget. They approached towards me. Again, started murmuring. Like previous, this time too I couldn’t nothing. They paused for a while, glowering at me, and use that gadget which in fact was a translator. They again went outside saying “Brace yourself”.

I was scared to hell. Secretly I watched them moving out. Unable to assemble what was happening, I started looking here and there. But it was all pitch dark. Only thing that I could watch was the same big flat screen. “Quaternary Period” was written in glittering plate. I forgot my all fears and was driven by the amazing natural beauty of those mammals. Mammoth Elephant, saber-toothed cats, giant ground sloths, birds and  Human.

The last documentary was quite long. Human evolution was shown in the movie. The movie was depicting about 18th Century when the screen started getting dim.  I saw people enjoying Dodo meat. I could see people beheading such a beautiful creatures. Mighty lions were running away from gun-holding Human. Tigers and Leopards were suffering from unenduring pain. Tusk less Elephant and Horn-less Rhino were moving with with tearful eyes. Sniveling and Bewailing. This all seemed awful. I saw people using head of these animals and discussing proudly and displaying with great pride. Large number of dead fishes were floating in the ocean. Coral reef was slowing down.  Vultures were themselves dead and mourning.  I saw human using communication facilities. But sparrows were losing their destination. Human were shown using fertilisers. But bees were continuously suffering from mass death and earthworms were panicking from suffocation and burn. I saw human eating those foods and “chemicals” they were consuming was seen vividly. Viewing these all at the same time I got a acute headache. However, Movie continued to progress.

Now on the screen I could see a house similar to mine. Strange enough but I could see same red roses blooming in the garden and emerging gladiolus.Surprisingly, I could now hear “comfortably numb” songs. I saw a man who looked similar to me , sipping coffee and reading “The Old Man and the Sea”. I was pouring my full concentration on screen. I wanted to see the face of the man in the screen, to confirm if it was me or not. For a while, movie got paused. The man who looked like me from back, started turning. My excitement was escalating. He did turn back. “OH MY GOD”, I muttered gasping some air. The man was looked exactly like me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The man seemed to talk with me. He came closer to screen. All of sudden, he took out mask from his head and greeted me saying, “Hello Human”. I got freezed. The man was  not me but the same species that encased me in Preservation box. There was sudden black out.

Slowly room was getting illuminating with lights. I could hear frantic voices of animal and birds.On one chamber,  I could see the extinct dinosaurs and mammoths, saber toothed cats all encased and preserved in a glass. When I looked at my own chamber, I saw Dodo, Eastern elk, Western Black Rhinoceros, Syrian Wild Ass, Barbary Lions, Bali Tiger and so forth approaching fiercely towards me. They seemed to be raged, all I could see was aftermath that was going to happen. Neither could I escape nor could I surrender. When the Bali Tiger just used its saucers paws near my preservation glass, I waked up.

Thank God. I was in my house. “Imagine” of The Bealtes was palying in my phone.When I looked into my watch, it  was just 7 o’clock.I touched my coffee mug.It had already got cold.  And my novel had fallen on the floor.

I started collecting my thoughts of everything that had happened recently. Was this a message from somewhere to cease human’s obduracy on the nature?  Was this a message for us to stop human greed? Or was this my simple imagination resulted from overthinking?

When I was pondering about what has happened. “Rahul, go and bring vegetable”, ordered my mom. Coming out of my thought, I went down the stair looking at the slight green prints  on my hand.

“The End”


The photo was taken from :×315/e0/2f/16/e02f168b2a39496d2077e4dabf73e027 dot JPG


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