MUN Workshop!!!


Inspired by the tremendous success and overwhelming demand for next MUN session, our Chitwan Central Leo organized “MUN Workshop”. This workshop was primilenarily targeted to all those youths who were interested into MUN and its parliamentary procedure. Workshop was carried out in 14th April, 2016 at Conference Hall, Agriculture and Forestry University,Nepal.

Participants were chiefly students from diverse universities and faculties of studying at different districts. Most of them being friends or mate of those who were participants of our previous LEO MUN ver 1.0 or who got interested into MUN through our post. It took great energy to quench their thirst and glad we could do it.

The main resource person of the event was Mr Chewan Rai, Founding President of Youth Thinker Society and also Founding General Secretary of Everest International Model United Naiton.

Major objective of our workshop was to introduce with terminologies and seemingly confusing procedure of MUN. We also aimed to make MUN easy and more fun. In more agreeable tone, we wanted to make youths get used to MUN and prepared themselves as future diplomats.

We had different session in the trainings. We permitted participants to raise the topic they wanted to discuss on. We collected their views. The best we call them on the rostrum, and persuaded them to speak in the views they were originally against them. It was like Veg delivering advantages on why meat is important and non-vegan giving putting forward their views on why we should adopt vegan lifestyle. Another interesting was discussion on who is superiror man or woman. Here male spoke in the favor of female and female spoke in the favor of male.

We believe such kind of discussion on speaking for opposing views enhanced their learning and debating experience. A basic requirement every MUNers need to get acquainted with.

Finally we ran Mock MUN session where everyone got their first experience of what MUN is like. (Their understanding and success of our workshop was reflected in a way their smoothly debated in systemic way and raised proper motion in LeoMUN ver 2.0).

From next day onward, we had most awaited program which of course was “LEO Model United Nation Ver 2.0” on the model of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with topic “Ensuring Global Food and Nutrition Security”. This was selected as UN has passed on April 1 “Decade of Action on nutrition”.

Just few months back, I was the only one here in Chitwan who had the experiences of MUN. We launched LeoMUN ver 1.0 after watching tons of videos and going through thousands of websites dedicated for MUN. Now, at this stage we have already made 75 youths MUN graduated just within 2 months of beginning LeoMUN. From 1 to 75 and we aim to multiply, encompass more and more youths in coming days.


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