Peace as i Know


I gasped some courage and sneaked out through the window, dragging the curtain little bit. Outside the tempestuous storm was sweeping away everything. People were aghast at continuous downpour coupled with thunderbolt. Stormcloud of rattled feelings loomed inside my head. The massive shake  few days back left us tensed and anxious. But we didn’t let that conquer the peace deeply embedded in our hearts and minds.


We were stomped and engulfed by nature’s grievance. Amid the crisis, we as human being stride together to heal  wound and get relief from grief.Nothing could halt us. We were fervent admirer of  love and let our courage decide our fate. We were affirmed our courage and love all roots to peace. This embolden us to revitalise our nation and make palaces from piles of rubbles.


Had the peace ceased from existence, the conditions would have been unfathomable and we slandered by our own plight.


Peace ameliorate deep grief and anguish, rejuvenate every weary. Gallant as would be expected, peace lovers are actual philanthropist of benevolence and magnanimity beyond measure. That’s what I learned when my nation faced worst attack by nature. Peace in heart and mind is the key to eternal happiness and togetherness.


Haruki Murakami quotes,’To get something people have to pay a price. That’s a rule the world operates by.’ To have love for each other as human being, we have to sans religious-centric, ethno-centric orthodox belief. To broaden feeling of brotherhood and embrace peace, we have to suspend wars( much coveted game where every government pours large chunks of sum).


In quest of peace, pilgrims, travellers, businessman, layman all set out their own expedition and make thousands of maiden voyage. That’s admirable but path to peace are more amicable when each of us realise peace dwells in brain guided by heart. Lord Buddha taught us, ‘Peace comes from within. Don’t seek it without’.


‘Peace begins with smile’,said our Mother Teresa. A smile often cheers up heart. When heart is elated, mind becomes vigour. The mind directs us to route of unparalleled achievement previously considered unconquerable. The vehicles to success are  fueled by peace residing in us. Peace gives midas touch to everything, escalating the values. Peace open our eyes clogged with peccable thoughts and let us view each individual as human being having beating heart, red blood flowing in vein and oxygen for breathing.


Peace doesn’t mean merely taking wicket of war but also scoring comfortably runs of tranquility, security and prosperity. When a decade long armed-revolution ended in Nepal, did peace really exist? Clearly ‘No’. Peace started to chime from every corner when brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends, relatives, neighbors embraced each other, accepted and respected general differences brought by varietal circumstances and understood ‘We are all one being: Children of God’. That’s what constructing peace means to me.


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