Plastic Recycling Project: “Suiro Project”

There is no doubt our planet can now be synonymously termed “Plastic Planet”. With obsession for plastic rising steeply, there will come a time when we will be able to observe Plastic Island easily.  With very few recycling projects running on and less consumer being eco-aware about the concept, likelihood of recycling plastic is minimum.

I was once to shattered by the fact that there were  no any recycling factories. Let’s say I was misinformed about recycling factory of the plastic. With some little digging and visits to local iron and plastic shops, I was able to find an excellent project and factory working exclusively for recycling of plastics.

It is located at rear end of Narayanghat market which is dominated by slums.  These factories collects the plastics and recycle it to make different products like chairs, home appliances, durable bags, ropes, pipe lines and likewise.

The plastics are collected in suiro. It is simply a metal rod in the “J” shape. This suiro holds the plastics very well and dries the water soaked one. This is economically beneficial as it reduces the cost of maintaining the form of the plastics.

Plastics can be sold directly at factory for lesser quanity.For  Corporates, industries, institutions that produces in larger quantity, factory sends its tractor/truck to collect the plastics.

Usually plastics are sold at rate of Rs.40- Rs.50 per kg( i.e USD 40-45 cent per Kg).

The only accepts the bigger wrappers like of Lays, surf excel , carrying bags and other commonly used bags. Owing to their limitation, small wrappers are not accepted. But no worries, as such wrappers are send to India for further recycling.



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