Second Leo Model United Nation

It was yet another pleasant moment to be part of it, to be the organizer and lead another MUN session. Yes, just after a month of our first LeoMUN ver 1.0, our team launched LeoMUN ver 2.0 at National Level. Conducted between April 15-16, 2016 Chitwan Central Leo of which I am Charter Secretary launched … Continue reading Second Leo Model United Nation


Initating MUN 

MUN for newbies seem all confusing but for those who have got experience of it know how awesome and addictive this is. MUN is abbreviations of Model United Nation,  simulation  of United Nation. It's an excellent academic platform to get insight of global delegation,  learn different procedures  of United Nation. It's best platform to understand … Continue reading Initating MUN 

Honey Bee Products

Honeybees and human civilization has strong connotation since the early time. Honeybess have been used for different purposes to satisfy the man’s need and make a prosperous civilization. Most of the honeybee products can be classified into two types: Animal Origin and Plant origin. Animal origin honey products include: Royal Jelly Bee Wax Beebread Bee … Continue reading Honey Bee Products

Do school Kill Creativity

Powerful TED talk bu Sir Ken Robinson. Its almost decade since the TED talk was done. But the powerful messages amid the social-media uprising and pressure from all over the world, Its bare to find any school/colleges that promotes the creativity. Promoting is far thing, they actually are killing it. With pre-formed notes and rigid … Continue reading Do school Kill Creativity

Let the world know

Ever wonder the purposes all these researches. Billions are spend on researches. Many gets failed and many discoveries have changed our life. Even I often question all purposes all these researches out the academic circle. I have barely seen its uses apart from general citing for another researches or getting published in some reputable journals. … Continue reading Let the world know

Cleanliness Program at Bharatpur-11

  On june 3,2015 I got a call from Birendra brother, giving me invitation to cleanliness program. Without any second thought, I said ‘yes’. So I along with Bindu di collaborated with Nepalese Friendship Society , Bharatpur Sub Metropolitan City and Eo club of Narayani Public School   On June 4,2015 at dawn we gathered … Continue reading Cleanliness Program at Bharatpur-11

Fossil Free Transport

  I would like to share refreshing news that has boosted up ‘Go Green’ concept of Chitwan. It has been almost more than months since we are having this ‘Danfe’ moving around at roads of Bharatpur City.   ‘Danfe’ ,which is actually a local name for newly adopted public transport means, looks like medevial-horse-cart except … Continue reading Fossil Free Transport

Participating at EIMUN 2015

It’s been already a year. How fast time flies. Flash back of Everest International Model United Nations(EIMUN) that I got chance to participate are all fresh and vivid in my mind.   EIMUN2015  second edition of EIMUN was held at touristic and naturally blessed Pokhara from 1st October to 5th October, 2015 at Hotel Landmark. … Continue reading Participating at EIMUN 2015

Revisiting Queens of Hill

On last week of August 2015, we had our Eastern tour fixed by University. So we were in hurry to pack our bags and get prepared for this cursion of amazing Eastern Nepal. Being neighbour of our destination, we expanded our tour to Darjeeling and Sikkim as well. Fun begins from there.   It was … Continue reading Revisiting Queens of Hill

Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity

‘Hey, What are you painting, boy?’ I asked him sneaking at the drawing he was concealing. Timid as he was, Manoj swayed the paper towards me. Mesmerising!!!  I hurriedly called Richa Neupane (my friend and classmate) and Bindu sisteri. They couldn’t take their eyes off so was with Nabin and Anju.   Clouds floating in … Continue reading Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity

Clean Up Nepal Cleanlines Campaign

Its was on dawn of 19th September2015, saturday (weekend in case of Nepal), we youths from Chitwan and Nawalparasi all come together at Narayani Beach for our Cleanliness campaign.  2015 Nationwide cleanliness campaign was the third version of Clean Up Nepal. Our site co-ordinator was very own brother Birendra Poudel. The onset of the program … Continue reading Clean Up Nepal Cleanlines Campaign