Participating at EIMUN 2015

It’s been already a year. How fast time flies. Flash back of Everest International Model United Nations(EIMUN) that I got chance to participate are all fresh and vivid in my mind.


EIMUN2015  second edition of EIMUN was held at touristic and naturally blessed Pokhara from 1st October to 5th October, 2015 at Hotel Landmark. EIMUN kicked off on 1st October at Yello Pagoda Hotel, Kathmandu in which keynote speech was given by UNDP representative to Nepal Mr. Chris Decker and the delegates hailing from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America were welcomed. After such an grand opening we had a long travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara.


It was already a night when we reached  our main destination that was yet to experience new world of diplomacy, create intimacy and also get used to countless shenanigans mirth and banters. On the first day we were cordially received by EIMUN Secretary General Ms Nischala Arjal and had dinner together.


Next day waking up early in the morning, we got prepared for our MUN session. We had different UN agencies in  the EIMUN like United Nation Security Council (the only council that never meet to a point), confused committee of UNESCO, General Assembly( the angry committee with extremely hot debates) and UNEP.


For EIMUN2015, I was selected for the angry committee. GA was chaired by Moneer Koshani of Afghanistan and co chaired by Anita Vista of Kenya. There was presence of 35 delegates representing different countries.  I was representing my own country Nepal and I feel extremely lucky for this. There was comprehensive discussion of LGBTQI rights. For whole three days we had very intense discussion on LGBTQI rights, some going for yes and some going against.


We mostly had moderated caucus ( serious and some time funny)and few unmoderated caucus ( which was more fun). Being selected to give speech or speak at moderated caucus would be matter of luck as many of delegates would raise the placards. No wonder we had to raise  a motion to extend the motion.  Also there was a crisis session on MUN. When the chair read the report and talked about what execution of Iranian people who are identified as LGBTQI, we got all shocked. Later only we realised that was a ‘Hypothetical’ crisis to be discussed on MUN. (A huge relief to our temporary anxiety).


Countries Like Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were leading agaisnt group and they were also the most active group in against team. Meanwhile, Germany, Nepal (yeah that’s me), Greece and India were leading ‘For” group and were also most active one.


The motion (in general terms ideas to be discussed) raised by delegates seemed legit. Like “LGBTQI from the perspective of Religion”, “Importance of education in changing the mindsets of people regarding LGBTQI issues”, “Violence based on sexual orientation and identity” and so forths.


On the final day, we drafted a resolution. We had the most intense debate  before passing the resolution. The final day is always a game changer because its a time when a silent or less active delegates could sea change the whole scenario with the votes. No matter what the size of your country is in term of GDP, global influence or Population, each country receives only 1 votes. Oh God, Nepal new constitution is in accordance to UN’s laws and is very forwards in terms fo freedom, civilian protection and in every other aspects. My asian fellows would come to me and vote to strengthen internal region power while Europe and North American come and express their support to stick by country’s laws. (PS you can’t express your personal view. You are representing your country so no matter how much you like/dislike, you have to  vote as per country’s rules and laws.)


The resolution sponsored by Germany and India and co sponsored by New Zealand and Nepal got passed with whooping majority (nearly 2/3rd Majority). And surprisingly Iran (who was leading against group and had prepared another anti-mind set resolution) also supported us stating ‘The resolution had everything Iran Wanted”. This was really unbelieveable stand by a country which was acting fiercely against LGBTQI rights. This stand by Iran caused failure of “Against Group”. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia clearly expressed their utter disapointment by their own ‘truthful’ allies. Well  “for” group were in cloud nine. And finally the MUN was adjourned.


Each day coming out of MUN would be such a great relief speaking of discussion we have. We used to have an exhaustive debate on LGBTQI rights whether to accept them as legal or not, whether to give to equal rights and space like ‘normal’ male and female and so forth. All our energy would be drained in the debate. Limited time, formal and very subtle speech , diplomatic and use of jargons all add charm to such  debate while adhering to country’s rules and laws.  We have to speak gently, speak in a way where we can express what we want without directly pointing to other delegates. Totally brand new experience for me.


We also went to see mesmerising sunrise at sarangot, enjoyed cool environment boating at Fewa Lake and strolling around lake side. We also had cultural nights like Dance Party and Global village (where each delegate worn their national/culture dress and showed performance).This helped us to further strengthen the bond.


I feel extremely delighted to be a part of EIMUN2015. I met such an awesome delegates from all over world. I could network with so many active and concerned youths thinking about world, thinking about nations and thinking about future of the society.


Thank you so much Youth Thinker Society and Organising committee of EIMUN.

Surely I am going to have MUN fever.


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