Clean Up Nepal Cleanlines Campaign

Its was on dawn of 19th September2015, saturday (weekend in case of Nepal), we youths from Chitwan and Nawalparasi all come together at Narayani Beach for our Cleanliness campaign.  2015 Nationwide cleanliness campaign was the third version of Clean Up Nepal. Our site co-ordinator was very own brother Birendra Poudel.

The onset of the program was done by giving formal speech by our chief guest. Then quickly cleanliness campaign caught it’s pace. With gloves in hand and mask at face, we started picking plastics, papers, bottles, rack, clothes and other waste materials.

We divided the volunteers into two group. One were cleaning east side and another were going to west side.

There was the whooping participation of more than 200+ volunteers at our site. And we were able to collect more than 3000 KG of waste.

After cleanliness campaign of 3 and half hours, volunteers were provided with small snack pack.

Organisations that were involved in our Chitwan sites:

Supporter Organisation:

1) BHARATPUR sub metropolitan city

2) hotel association Chitwan

3) Leo Club of Chitwan central

4)Nepal friendship society

5)Salyani Technology

In collaboration

1) Udog Banigya Sangh

2) Rotary club NGT

3) I-PAT


5) Men’s Room Reloaded

6) Youth in Action

7) EUR raukai

8) The Eco Minions

9)Raise Hand Nepal

I was representing The Eco Minions and Leo Club of Chitwan Central.

Our leo club carried out free water distribution program on the same occasion. We did this so that the scorching sun doesn’t discourage our vibrant and jubilant youths.

Note 1: Overall Clean Up Nepal Achievement

There were 300 organisations involved at Clean Up Nepal Cleanliness Campaign and active participation of 38590 volunteers at over 90 different location. 2,82,979 KG of waste were collected over all.

Note 2: Narayani Beach

Just 2 years back, this used to be the place of dust and dirt. But within 2 years, Narayani Beach has taken another form. Its now emerging as  youth hub of the city. Every evening thousands of people come here to enjoy beautiful Narayani river, hills and sunset. However, with increase in human activities, pollution has also increased rampantly. If action is not taken quickly, than like many big rivers of big cities, it will face the same ill fate.

This year’s site selection was in itself very wise location. We used this line to involve youths ‘Your City. Your Place. Your Duty’ , ‘If you make it dirty, where will you enjoy next’.

PS Recently all the street light of the beach is now solar powered. CHEERS


Rahul Acharya


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