Cleanliness Program at Bharatpur-11


On june 3,2015 I got a call from Birendra brother, giving me invitation to cleanliness program. Without any second thought, I said ‘yes’. So I along with Bindu di collaborated with Nepalese Friendship Society , Bharatpur Sub Metropolitan City and Eo club of Narayani Public School


On June 4,2015 at dawn we gathered at Bishal Chowk with students carrying brilliant environmental postcards and we ambassador holding our banners, Birendra brother, people from the Bharatpur community. We also had the presence of some notable and respected person like Principle of the School, Secretary of Bharatpur ward-11 Tulasi Prasad Poudel and representatives from Youth for blood.


With gloves in hands, sacks and broom we outset our cleanliness cum awareness program after a mini formal session. We mainly collected the plastics. People were coming out of home and joining in hand in hand to support us. This was amazing.

I could overhear some saying, ‘Oh Children are carrying such program and we throwing waste haphazardly. We need to learn from them.’  This gave us a triumph and boost us to carry program rampantly.


Additionally,We  did mini survey of most recurrent ‘wrappers’. And the clear winner was ‘Bhola’ sort of tobacco products (popular among youths and man in 40s) winning out chocolate and noodles wrappers. May be restriction at home or college might have prompted many to throw wrappers of tobacco, cigarette at roads. We need to be alert in such case as in one hand such behaviour is deteriorating the environment.In other hand easy access cum omnipresent of such wrapper might tempt younger generation get indulged with tobacco and their products.


Finally, we completed our program. Bindu di shared about Eco Generation. We thanked student for their lovely posters and participation, community people for cordially embracing our invitation. Towards the end we  had some group snap. Utilising the  opportunities, I along with Bindu di distributed E-gen flyers and share them about Eco generation in detail.


To put it in nutshell, program was fruitful. We are grateful to Birendra brother, for giving us the space to share about our own fascinating platform TUNZA Eco Generation. I was thrilled to know Municipality giving continuity to such program.


Quoting Elle Fitzgerald ‘Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.’


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