Do school Kill Creativity

Powerful TED talk bu Sir Ken Robinson.

Its almost decade since the TED talk was done. But the powerful messages amid the social-media uprising and pressure from all over the world, Its bare to find any school/colleges that promotes the creativity. Promoting is far thing, they actually are killing it. With pre-formed notes and rigid courses, our education system have failed to find the actual talent of the people. Mocked notes, rotted answers are the norms of ‘bright’ future and creativity is always an excuse.

Why we often forget that in world, we will confront with complex problems that our courses have not yet defined. Our school is catching us the fish but not teaching us how to catch fish. Hence, every problems that our of course in our after-college life becomes unsolvable.

Only good experience where we had our creativity  respected was during my higher school. We had our principal as english teacher who taught us literature part and it was always pleasing. In that class, our views were respected. He always encouraged us to come up with our own idea. It was that class we always waited for. It was that class where we learned to analyse the literature and its many forms. Its has already been six years, but i remember every bit of that class, I still remember what i wrote and what i did. There was always never ending curiosity in each and every part of his class and creativity was surely booming. Even while writing this small memories. I became nostalgic.

There is no doubt dire need to changing the system.

Nurture creativity and curiosity not the mocking and rotting ability.

Kudos to you sir ken Robinson.



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