Fossil Free Transport


I would like to share refreshing news that has boosted up ‘Go Green’ concept of Chitwan. It has been almost more than months since we are having this ‘Danfe’ moving around at roads of Bharatpur City.


‘Danfe’ ,which is actually a local name for newly adopted public transport means, looks like medevial-horse-cart except that ‘horse’ has been replaced by Engine. And most breathtakingly it runs on electricity. I repeat. Its totally fossil free and runs on electricity.


Its such a great to see people embracing ‘Danfe’. Unlike other public vehicles, Danfe goes to sub ways and moving along the blocks too.


No wonder popularity of Danfe is spreading sporadically. Its proud moment for eco-lovers like me to have such means of transportation in my own city. Danfe is promoting healthy environmental condition in the city.


Since, source of energy from which Danfe runs is electricity which is produced from water. SO it doesn’t emit harmful gases that challenge our atmosphere. In fact ultimate source from which it gain energy is in itself Renewable source. We can guarantee the very low carbon footprint from it.  And Carbon footprint is almost nil compared to it fossil based counterpart.


Time when fossil fuels are creating dire condition and we are all craving towards suxh vechicles with less future, innovation like Danfe could be a breakthrough to destroy fossil fuel veil.



Rahul Acharya



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