Initating MUN 

MUN for newbies seem all confusing but for those who have got experience of it know how awesome and addictive this is.

MUN is abbreviations of Model United Nation,  simulation  of United Nation. It’s an excellent academic platform to get insight of global delegation,  learn different procedures  of United Nation. It’s best platform to understand how various agendas are passed. It’s a gate to diplomatic world. Actually,  defining MUN  will only limit its original meaning. Globally,  MUN is organised at various level ranging from high school to graduate level. Just Google it and we will enter into whole new world of MUN.

Beigning of the MUN journey :

When for the first time I heard about MUN at application form of GYELS 2015, I was confused what is MUN and likewise. I made foolish assumption of making it as other general program. As I googled,  I was surprised and baffled at the same time knowing how complicated the program was. I started searching for  MUN program at Nepal. Sadly,  I couldn?t find my anyone of my contact who was used to this term. I was hopeless and shattered. So I taught myself about MUN by watching videos on youtube and reading thousand of websites and likewise. Though I was unsuccessful to participate at GYELS 2015/16 I got learn about MUN.

Participating at EIMUN:

One thing that I never can do is leave what I have started. I was still searching for MUN opportunities in Nepal. But how do I find it was the biggest issues. None of the people I know had heard about MUN let alone finding me the right platform. With grimace face,  I was about to full stop my MUN journey. But before that I used a simple trick of MUN #MUNINNEPAL #NEPALMUN.

Guess what it worked. My happiness knew no bound. I was leaping and dancing like crazy just because I came to know MUN is happening in Nepal as well.

I message about my interest in MUN and EIMUN was the  only  page that replied me promptly. Moreover, I was informed that MUN was about to happen very soon that too in Nepal and deadline was approaching. No sooner I got this information,  I applied for it. EIMUN means Everest International Model United Nation.

And it doesn’t stop here. Not only I got selected for EIMUN,  I got full scholarship to partake as well. This way my journey to EIMUN started. This is the only global experience I have ever had.

Guess what I got to meet very humble man and initatior or MUN,  Mr . Chewan Rai who is also founding president of Youth Thinker Society.


Participating at conferences is not only enough. After conference is equally important. What we do after conference matter most. If we don’t share and execute what we have learned,  than its all worthless. This is the common view Mr. Chewan brother and I share. With me having MUN experience,  I wanted to disseminate the idea of MUN to Chitwan. I am the only one person with experience of MUN as a delegate by that time.

It was herculean task for me to initate. First I had to make a team, teach them about procedure and jagrons of MUN then encourage other people to participate. It was not a cake walk.

So I started sharing my MUN experience and generating interest in MUN. Finally I had my friends all excited to be a MUN Team.I am lucky enough to be surrounded by youths who are akin to making change happen, who are willing to accept challenge and take risk.  The result is vivid now.


So, I brainstormed for my first MUN. I named it LeoMUN.The name was because I am charter secretary of Leo Club of Chitwan Central and LEO is my family. Than me along with my team started working for it. We had to prepare MUN logo, disemminate the idea to other youths,  and took care of every minute details.

I know how many sleepless night I and my team had gone to make LeoMUN happen. We had to college and organise workshop. We had many failed workshop. Sometime participants didn’t show up and sometime we had to begg people to join workshop. Amid this, we continued our journey because we had strong belief in each other, in our team.


And we finally decided to have our MUN at March 8-9. It took almost more than 5 months to start our first MUN. Amid some sets back and ups and downs, we conducted MUN. MUN was organised on UNEP model with main agenda being “Climate Justice : Climate Change and Human Rights “.  I had to take the courage to become Chair and run whole MUN.This was excellent opportunity we as a team created ourselves. We assigned each other as Rapporteur,  Co chair, International Journalist and facilitator.

It was two day MUN and I was Euphoric. Delegates were in full debating mood. They raised brilliant motion and had great discussion.  Deeper understanding of such sensitive topic by my delegates was more than awesome.  And yes,  we had our first batch of MUN completed.

Barely, anyone can guess how happy I was personally.


Obviously it’s was my dream to carry MUN and but it would have never been successful without my awesome, talented and dedicated team member. My friend Leo Sujan Adhikari, Ieo Susmita Gaire and Leo Prarthan Neupane as Rapporteur, International Journalist and Co Chair respectively. My friend and my brother Leo Ashish Ghimire and  Leo Dikshit Poudel as facilitator. You guys totally rock. To be honest,  if I was excited then they were super excited.  We certainly had lots of fun inbetween

  Most importantly it was Chewan Rai brother whom I would contact to know about organising MUN.


I was alone then but now I have a great team of amazing youths with MUN experience.  I believe success of any program depends not on organiser but change brought in participant. I feel so happy when my delegates message  me saying they can’t get out of this MUN session,  they calling each other as delegate of assigned countries every now and then. They will surely represent themselves as Delegate at International platform.

And LeoMUN very 2.0 will soon come. We aim to make it international and I firmly believe in my team.

#leomun2016 #leoMun

For more details about LeoMUN ver 2.0  Click here


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