Ever wonder the purposes all these researches. Billions are spend on researches. Many gets failed and many discoveries have changed our life.

Even I often question all purposes all these researches out the academic circle. I have barely seen its uses apart from general citing for another researches or getting published in some reputable journals. Yes, one main purpose of researches , no matter how much distance we want to keep ourselves from this harsh reality, is to publish it on reputable journal and boast it to our colleague. We use this as CV enhancer or for promotion.But is research limited only for findings, discoveries, publishing and citing. It is certainly not.

This article piece is a Good read to learn about usefulness of research.


A small piece of extraction from the article:

It is tragic when successful research findings remain on library shelves or online archives, far from the reach of those eagerly waiting for research-based solutions. How our results communicate to the target stakeholders or whether they understand the findings and can apply them to solve their problems remains a grey area in the research process. Developing writing skills, being promoted or being recognised as an expert on a specific subject are all related to one’s papers getting published in good journals. Proper dissemination of research findings to the target stakeholders will not diminish these opportunities. The value a researcher increases exponentially when target stakeholders access research findings. This is real research and real applied science where both researchers and target groups benefit.

For the full article Check this <LiNK> by Gandhiv Kafle at The Kathmandu Post.


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