Revisiting Queens of Hill

On last week of August 2015, we had our Eastern tour fixed by University. So we were in hurry to pack our bags and get prepared for this cursion of amazing Eastern Nepal. Being neighbour of our destination, we expanded our tour to Darjeeling and Sikkim as well. Fun begins from there.


It was not my first time, nor the second time. And neither third time. But fifth time (Wide smile), I visited Illam, city with highest literacy population and boasting as capital of Tea and Nature. Queen of Hills Darjeeling I conquered her for the third time and Sikkim was my second visit. The sugarcane on the side ways and long koshi bridge simple multiplies the fun of travelling Eastern part. The place has become even more beautiful and well organised with time.


The beauty of these eloquent  eastern part of Nepal and India is bestowed with breathtaking hills, gorgeous people and crystal clear rivers and falls. No wonder how ecstatic I get everytime I visit the place. The winding roads, floating clouds, mist above the river, green hills and golden mountain these all makes nature more beautiful than any philosopher  could imagine or artist could paint.  While making a travel there, we ponder if we are really in this world or we have come to gateway of Heaven. I guarantee, If even there is Heaven, it would be more adorable than these places.


However the journey to this place was not cakewalk this time. Due to political unrest and strike we had to onset our journey at midnight when there would be no fear of strikers/ politcal cardes. In fact there was also  a time when we thought of halting our tours. Amid all these crisis and solicitude situation and sleepless night, we made up to our destination. Unknown of future of Nepal, we first made our trip to Sikkim.


Last time visited sikkim was during my high school trip. I was desperate to make another  one. And there I was again back to the city I coveted much.  MG road of Gangtok is simple best place on earth to shop and relax. The falls, Gumbas and museum are some other major attraction of Sikkim.


After Sikkim, Darjeeling was our next destination. Due to being rainy season, we couldn’t see the splendid sunrise. The picture of rising sun, touching the mountains and given midas touch are all vivid in my mind.  Then we visited Rock Garden, Batasia Loop, Japanese Pagoda, and other places. Tea garden was special attraction and St Paul School in which blockbuster bolloywood movie ‘Main Hu na’ was shot.


Our Next destination was Illam and Jhapa. At Illam we visited Kanyam Tea Garden known especially for its best management of tea. Then we came back too Itahari after doing some shopping at Illam. The road from Ilam to Itahari was even more adventurous. It was more winding and filled with lush tea garden and Pine trees.


Sadly Strike was still going on at Terai part of Nepal. So we had to curtail our journey. After visiting Illam, we made our trip to Regional Agriculture Center in which we had different species of buffaloes reared including endangered Arna (which are found exclusively on koshit Tappu).


Amidst all the fear and crisis, we made our tour. We ceased the day, enjoyed the the place to the fullest.


All now I am thinking is of making my next Eastern Trip. I love you such much and just can’t imagine to visit you again.


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