Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity

‘Hey, What are you painting, boy?’ I asked him sneaking at the drawing he was concealing. Timid as he was, Manoj swayed the paper towards me. Mesmerising!!!  I hurriedly called Richa Neupane (my friend and classmate) and Bindu sisteri. They couldn’t take their eyes off so was with Nabin and Anju.


Clouds floating in the sky. Crystal clear water. Humanised sun. Dolphin bouncing on water and staring at the sun. The colors were cherry picked. How magnificently he embroidered color and imagination into a single masterpiece.


The creativeness of the prodigious child and his friends made us forget the sweltering heat and hectic travel we just had. Blessed with the talent children of Chepang Basti (at Mugling), Chitwan excellently depicted their natural environment on the white paper, adding life to it.


This took me back to Rasuwa village where two girls precisely drew ‘quake effect’ and wrote appealing poem and essay. There was another brother drawing picture of bravery shown by their elders amid crisis.


It was in June 4, just a day ahead of ‘World Environment Day’, Bindu di and I along with my friends( name aforementioned) went to Mugling, Chitwan along with our very own Chivalrous Dr. Hom Basnet sir. While our gurus( meaning teacher in its holiest sense) were distributing relief materials, we were looking after children and playing with them.


After a while, I was panting. The summer was at its best. I sat a small chair, took deep breath and closed my eyes. I swiftly got indulged in my  own thought. I imagined the image of the children dressed gracefully in t-shirts we had distributed( thanks to you E-gen), sweet smile in their face. All cherishing and delightful. The smile was hiding their unfathomable condition in the closet. Daily plight they have to go through and recent quake creating havoc situation. Them being slandered by the nature’s grievance. Images of toppled down building, piles of rubbles, cracked room, 24/7 power cut off started making groove in my head.


I pondered. Relief goods , though being basic requirement, was  temporary solution. If we want to see happiness in its purest sense something sustainable , something ‘everlasting’ must be commenced. This should enable everyone to be independable, stand on their own feet and withstand any circumstances.


I started murmuring the words : Children, School, Earthquake, Sustainable, Future, Nepal, Independency. I was drifted by these words. On spur of moment, word ‘EDUCATION’ clobbered in my mind. I jotted it down in my mind’s note.


All of sudden, little girl called me pulling my finger. ‘Brother’, she said in sweet voice,‘How’s my drawing’. I opened up my eyes. National flag waving at the top of mountain, rivers flowing through them,blooming  Rhododendron and lophophorus flying near the temple. All drawn within the boundary of Nepal map. A sense of Nationality and dignity was shimmering. I congratulated her. She seemed to be in very good mood and was leaping happily. I watched her going towards her friends and laughing.


I yelled ‘YES’. The answer to what i was mulling over was ‘ EDUCATION’. Precisely speaking ‘Practical Education’ which could be a key for sustainable solution. Nurturing children with moral education that teaches to respect every beauty of earth, real-life education that enlighten them with truth and evolve into capable person. Major impetus needs to be made on ‘Practical Education’. Now is the benjin time to pour our effort on it.


After coming out of my thought. I went outside the room to fetch some water. Whoa!!! There was our Manoj standing gallantly with his drawing and prizes and rest of my fellow friends in queue to take snap with the superstar. Forget about the water.



Manoj is just an instance. Two girls from the Rasuwa village. Those were few children with inborn gifts whom I happened to meet. Just imagine, how many Manoj are there waiting to unleash their potentiality provide we give amicable environment. We lose many of them because of opportunities not reaching to them. When our nation is the deepest grief, its a time we find out more Manoj and rebuild our nation and whole world and reach top echelon of prosperity. We all want life to be peach and cream.


PS UPF is going to reconstruct the school we went. I rejoiced knowing news.


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