Useful Carbon Offsets Links and Discussions

Hello guys, In this Post I have, as you can guess from the title, listed out some of the useful links and websites that specifically focuses on carbon offsets. While we are on the course of solving most challenging and confusing problems invented by man himself, we must confront with different views. Carbon offset is no longer the exception.

These are the links of my series “Is Carbon Trade/Market Justifiable?”. In this series I have mostly focused on usefulness of the carbon trade/market. You can enjoy the series in the titlle:

Cap and Trade

Carbon Offsets

I have written it in lucid manner and tried to cover maximum of what I have got. For sure, I will be updating it and continue by series.

If you enjoy the The New York Times article, this article titled “Carbon-Neutral is Hip, but is it Green?” by Andrew C. Rekwin is also very good read. It depicts some harsh reality of carbon neutrality.

Another one from The Guardian titled A complete guide to carbon offsetting by Duncan Clark is another balanced yet resourceful article. It gives us required information on Carbon offsets, its pros and cons and possible defends. Its good resource for the beginner.

Similarly, to quench your thirst  and get what you actually want, I found these two Question Answer series very helpful. Do check one from Green Steve titled “What is Carbon Offestting” and another equally useful link  from “NATURE” titled “Climate Change: Carbon Offset Program”

This unique link regarding why we should avoid the carbon offset might be good ingredient for competitive discussion. Do enjoy the view of Kevin Anderson on the Nature The inconvenient truth of carbon offsets

Hope you guys have enjoyed my list. If you have found more useful links feel free to comment me.

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