Call for abstracts: Mountains in the Changing World

Call for abstracts

The conference on Mountains in the Changing World (#MoChWo) will focus on a broad range of topics related to mountain ecosystem and sustainable livelihood. We invite you to submit abstracts for following conference tracks.

  1. Disasters, resilience, and adaptation
  2. Biodiversity conservation
  3. Climate change
  4. Environmental pollution
  5. Forest management
  6. Soil, water and atmospheric research
  7. Agriculture and agro-ecology
  8. Sustainable livelihood
  9. Policy for mountain resources and livelihood

Abstract submission

Abstract submission starts from April. Deadline for submitting abstract is 15 August.

Abstract can be submitted for both oral and poster presentations.

Click here to submit your abstract.

If you cannot submit through online submission system, email your abstract to with abstract submission subject line.

Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged via email within 48 hours. All abstracts will be subjected for peer review. Revision of the abstract may be requested for clarity, style and language. Accepted abstracts will be notified to authors and published on conference website.

Submission guidelines

Abstract must be prepared and submitted in English.

1. Presenting author responsibilities

If you are submitting an abstract, we assume you are the presenting author and therefore you are responsible                 for the followings:

  • Submitting your own work.
  • Assuring all co-authors have reviewed and approved the abstract’s content.
  • Providing complete and accurate contact and affiliation information for all co-authors.
  • Registering for the conference.
  • Presenting the abstract at the conference, if accepted.

2. Be ready with followings before submission

a) Title: Title of abstract should be concise, clearly convey the content of abstract. It may contain up to 85 characters, including spaces.

b) Author(s): Name of all authors who have really contributed the work. Indicate the presenting author.

c) Author affiliation: Primary affiliation for each coauthor including address.

c) Abstract body: The abstract should be less than 250 words and should provide a clear description of research objectives, the main results and conclusion.

d) Graphical abstract (optional): We encourage you to submit a graphical abstract.

e) Category: Choose from the key submission tracks listed above. Reviewers will be assigned based on the category you choose.

f) Keywords: At least three keywords are required; up to 5 are allowed. Keywords represent the content of your paper.

3. Reasons for abstract rejection

  • Subject matter is not appropriate for MoChWo
  • Information is not new enough
  • Abstract is duplicative of other submissions
  • Format does not follow guidelines
  • Submission is poorly written

For more details go to the Official Link


(This opportunity post is purely for the information purpose only with following the theme “Sharing is Caring”. This is to share the opportunity to those readers who might be benifitted form this post. No any copy right infringement is intended. )


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