Call for Application: NAIS European Union Model 

​(as abstracted from home page)

NAIS European Union Model is a perfect opportunity for young students to improve their knowledge and understanding of the European Union. Such simulation games provide a good environment to get realistic impressions of the challenges which are facing within the EU. European Union is not only a wonderful project but also a challenging process, which requires reforms. While participating in a Model European Union young people will not only gain insights into these dynamics, but will also become ambassadors of the European Union and will foster the idea of a European identity. Young participants will have opportunity to defend European Union principles like human rights and rule of law in a globalized world, restore trust of citizens, and change it for the better: for a socially just, ecologically sustainable and really democratic Union.

It will be a unique way of experiencing how European decision-making is done. This knowledge is not only important to understand how the European Union or the European Parliament works but also why it works the way it does. Many Europeans consider the European Parliament to be far removed from their own personal lives. We sincerely hope that the young participants will share their knowledge with their friends. The most important thing is that the idea for NaisEUM came from students and that it is still organised by students from all over Europe. These own initiatives have a greater impact than events for students that are organised by EU or national officials.
Politics needs participation of the citizens. Europe’s future dependson citizens who contribute to, participate in and own the Europeanproject. The Model European Union is a very good simulation of EUdecision-making and helps to involve people into European politics. For the details about accommodation, application and deadline visit visit the official page



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