The lost connection

​  It feels weird I confessed to my self To loose the connection  To these all emotions  Sadness and happiness  Loneliness and togetherness  Anxiety and superiority  Everything taste like ashes Have lost every taste Each moment going waste  I lay motionless  Coz I am the carcass  That breath  That think  What is love What is … Continue reading The lost connection

7 points relatable to every friends fan

​Friends for us is undoubtedly the best sit com ever created for at least us. No matter how much rerun we watch, we can just never get enough. And we cannot possibly imagine never watching them. From rewatching the series to getting occupied at insta , Facebook, Twitter YouTube to every magazine and pages, we … Continue reading 7 points relatable to every friends fan

Excursion of Maps : Visit to Meghauli, Tandi and Devghat

Excursion is needless to say great prospect to explore the place from an eye of academician. It provideas plethora of opportunities to understand one’s knowledge on particular subject and it gives us vision and knowledge to understand subject matter at depper level.  Knowledge gained during excursion are imprinted vividly in mind for longer period of … Continue reading Excursion of Maps : Visit to Meghauli, Tandi and Devghat

 Call for Application: Harvard Model United Nation

Deadline : 31st August,2016 Venue: Back Bay Neighbourhood, Boston  Delegates and Faculty Advisors, I am thrilled and honored to invite you to apply to the sixty-fourth session of Harvard Model United Nations, to be held from Thursday, January 26, to Sunday, January 29, you17 in Boston's famous Back Bay neighborhood. Come January, more than 3,200 delegates and … Continue reading  Call for Application: Harvard Model United Nation

Call for Application 

Date: September 30- October 2,2016 Venue: St Andrew's, UK ​A Message from the Secretary General   This October SaintMUN will be hosting our fourth annual conference in the wonderful town of St Andrews. We are already preparing to welcome delegates from across Britain, Europe and the world, and hope that you will be one of … Continue reading Call for Application