Call for Delegate DanMUN 

DanMUN 2016

We are now open for applications for this year’s conference. This years DanMUN conference will be held at Frederiksberg Palace in week 42, October 17th – 22nd. As usual, we will simulate the UN Security Council.


  • Time: Week 42 (Oct. 17th – 22nd)
  • Place: Frederiksberg Palace
  • Conference theme: Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Cost: 700DKK


The conference fee of 700DKK includes Lunch and Dinner for all 5 days and entrance to many exciting activities. We will hear many exciting speakers, such as former President of the General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft, which will aid you in your preparation for the sessions.


Please follow the link below and fill out the form until July 31st to be eligible for the early bird pick. This will heighten your chances of being chosen. The second round of application will fill the remaining seats.


Click here to apply


This year we have added the option for local applicants to offer housing in exchange for a lowered conference fee. If you decide to offer up your couch we will try to match you up with someone who is in need of such an offer. Should you find yourself in this situation, please note that your conference fee will increase. It should, however, still be considerably less than booking a hotel room.

Clicking on the housing option in the application form does not mean you will actually be needing to host someone or that we will find someone to be able to host you. Thus it is not guaranteed that we can offer this and should you be accepted, but not be able to host, you will have to pay the normal price.


We are looking forward to receive all of your applications and cannot wait for DanMUN 2016 to arrive!

Your DanMUN team.

For more details visit the official site


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