Ordeal of Rampur Road 

Where on earth would you find a path that boast for three most prestigious school of the district, best Cancer hospital of South Asia, renowned medical college and one and only Technical university aka Agriculture and Forestry University. Yeah it’s the Rampur Road. So it must have excellent pathway right? If your answer is yes, I request you to ponder. I repeat, rethink and give conclusion.(hint: there is no easy path for enlightenment)
Well, you will definitely find the answer but before that let me share my story.

2013 March 

I was rushing to catch the bus and begin my new journey of ‘Bachelor’ life. And who said it would be easy. It was very first day and I missed the bus(no no not the college bus, it did not existed till second year). It literally was a total rough ride with many ups and downs in between. And the fun was doubled as I was on tempo. Phew! At least I reached college safe and sound with my brand new black Jean turning into white one. Yipeeeeeee!!!!!

2014 March

OMG!!! First year completed. I exclaimed. And again i was in bus stop waiting for the buses with bunch of my friends. And our most discussed topic was( well you guessed it correct bro) “Roads are still the same”

2015 March 

So near the end of second year. Wow half life completed. Just 2 years left to be free again. I was in my scooter. Darn!! My scooter.  What the hell is wrong with this road.

2016 March 

Do I still need to talk about the road. Well, It has Changed really. Yes folks, it has changed. Oh c’omn. Not positively but even more worse. 

Today when I was traveling through the road, I felt proud. (I have lately developed unusual feeling of being positive in every Matter😂)  I was thinking where would I find a perfectly diversified road of gravel, concrete, repaired roads, plain road, well extended road, hole roads of perfect size for fishing and undulated roads.  It was like all in one. I believe it’s the perfect place for engineers to read the construction or see the development. Learn from scratch to finish.so welcome engineer😉

I actually enjoy this road. Firstly, it’s never boring trail. You get periodic jumps and all. It’s makes your travelling very fun.

What’s more. You will never be left out. For any talkative people (oh yes I absolutely am 😉), you always have well prepared conversational topic.No worries you will have a  great time pass and get to scold your politicians (our most beloved pastime )

And do you know you will always be able to see brand new bike/scooter. Thanks to road, your bike’s constantly seek service. And tada you always have well furnished and maintained bike ready to go.

Of course, you get to enjoy the splash in the rain. The muds of the road and rain makes excellent blend. Amazingly you have your white shoes turn brown while returning home. Brand new shoes every Day. Hurray!!!

Damn. I love how many things we can do I this road. Did you really thought well pitched road would make such great tale. Na, never ever.

I know for many Nepalese, the story of road sounds familiar. After all it’s Nepal’s road. But the one I am talking about is very special road. I have named it Rampur Road, an enlightened road.

It’s a sad reality that government has changed for four times, another CA election has been concluded and constitution has been promulgated. But our road has remained faithful not to Change. I adore it’s strong decision to remain intact. 

And we community people have repeatedly failed to address the issue. Afterall we are extremely busy and we have to do our duty of bad mouthing politicians .😂😂😂

(PS recent rush in road construction has made out life move to hell happily permitting us to enjoy the mud. I guess they are challenging me to transplant rice)


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