Excursion of Maps : Visit to Meghauli, Tandi and Devghat

Excursion is needless to say great prospect to explore the place from an eye of academician. It provideas plethora of opportunities to understand one’s knowledge on particular subject and it gives us vision and knowledge to understand subject matter at depper level.  Knowledge gained during excursion are imprinted vividly in mind for longer period of time and it unlock the pathways to think beyond limit. Keeping these positive aspects of Excursion in mind, a  short day trip was organized for first batch of Agriculture and Forestry University on Poush 6, 2072 under leadership assistant professor Annata Prakash Subedi.

Waking up early in the morning we deaparted for  Bishnu Ayurved Herbal Production Farm situated in dharmapur, Chitwan where we were warmly received by active proprietor Mr. Dandapani Kafle. We astarted our first session with Yoga which was facilitated by Dandaoani Kafle. After yoga session, we were made to visit herbal farms where we could easily identified various MAPS like Sapragandha, Kurilo, Tulsi, Neem, Gurjo, etc.  Towards the end, we were provided with herbal tea prepared in the same place.

After taking final sip of herbal tea, we immediately headed for District Ayurveda Health Centre, which is located at the heart of Tandi. Amid some troubles with our bus, we successfully reached our destination. Some snaps were taken, we were informed about various startegies that DAHC was taking to promote Ayurveda. After verbal interaction, we made visit to Farms which was not properly managed as per DAHC standard. Nevertheless, the place has many new plants including some rare and expensive plants as well.

It was already midday and students were starving. So before reaching the final destination we had some snack at Naraynaghard. After finishing up of 30 minutes of Lunch break we directly went to Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital suited at the vicinity of scorned Devghat. We are cordially enterntained by Dr. Hemraj Koirala, Dr. Bishal Regmi (therapeutist) and Mr. Yagyanath Bhusal (Yoga therapist). Dr. Koirala detailed us about facilities available in the hospital and also about his journey from General Doctor to Yoga Guru. Meanwhile, Yahyanath mostly focused on importance of Yoga and its health benefits. He also highlighted about Asthanga Yoga and encouraged all the students to participate at Yoga class regularly.

This we we had our excursion full stopped.


To put it in nutshell, we had very fruitful visit. We came to learn a lot about Yoga, MAPS progress in Chitwan and overall Nepal. University and teachers are highly recommend to make such visit and excursion on regular basis which not only make education more understandable, it also widen thinking and analyzing capabilities  and ultimately helping in creating more skilful manpower for Agriculture science.



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