An Open Letter to COP Leaders

Dear Leaders Warm Greetings I hope everything is peach and cream there. I certainly believe you are busy preparing something great as again one of the biggest summit is there to come. Morocco,  beautiful country is waiting for your visit since your awesome stay at Paris, France. But let me warn you, there are agitated … Continue reading An Open Letter to COP Leaders


Nepal and Animal Worshipping Culture

  It was on October of 2015 when news spreading across the internet which claimed origin of dogs were from Central Asia noticeably Nepal. If it's true, Nepal surely gets yet another applauding praise for its establishment in animal friendly culture. With many animals being worshiped for their contribution to human being or taken as … Continue reading Nepal and Animal Worshipping Culture

Accidental Discovery : From Carbondioxide to Ethanol

We are used to different accidental discoveries that have changed the world in many ways. The terms for such accidental yet fortune happening is knows as Serendipty. Newton's famous gravity law inspired from falling apple, Pasteur's Chirality, Chicken Cholera Vaccine, Nobel's blasting gelatin and prominently Viagra are few examples which have tremendously changed human civilization. … Continue reading Accidental Discovery : From Carbondioxide to Ethanol

I’m confused Reality

I am confused reality Of yours, Yes of yours unaware of my presence Overshadowed by Illusion That you enjoy the most You may not see me With those eyes all lost in the lust of glitters Nor you may hear me For, you attempted to anchor my voices in the endless oceans of dreams Light-year … Continue reading I’m confused Reality

Canada all set for Carbon Tax

​By garnering large attention for being young Prime Minister and with diversified cabinet of 30 with equal number of male and female, Canada under leadership of heartthrob Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau is all set to launch Carbon Tax on Canada starting from 2018. Federal government has been provided two years of time for them to implement … Continue reading Canada all set for Carbon Tax