Canada all set for Carbon Tax

​By garnering large attention for being young Prime Minister and with diversified cabinet of 30 with equal number of male and female, Canada under leadership of heartthrob Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau is all set to launch Carbon Tax on Canada starting from 2018.

Federal government has been provided two years of time for them to implement their own cabon tax for each province. If provinces are not successful in making their own tax, Federal Government shall impose their own tax rules. Each province is allowed to put direct carbon tax of $7.6 per tons of carbon emission and/or will set up Cap and Trade System. By any chance, If any Canadian Provinces or Territory fails to implement carbon tax system, federal government will impose a basic carbon tax of $10 per US ton on emissions, rising by $10 a year until it reaches $38.11 per US ton by 2022.

British Columbia already has carbon tax system which was enacted at 2008. Quebec and Ontario, another most populous cities are all set to put carbon tax. However, Oil rich Alberta is demanding for more federal government make progress on new oil pipelines along Canada’s coastline before it considers the specific carbon tax scheme being proposed. Meanwhile, Saskatchewan is sending warning signals that ti will hamper their economy.

Last Year, Australia surprised us by refusing Carbon Tax system, following the opposite suit, Canada has now made a remarkable progress (at least in terms of policies) and done applauding works by compulsiorliy implementing carbon tax.

Thank you Canada for making it!!!!


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