Rejuvenating Dreams 

It’s just feels so amazing when some dreams of yours that you desperately wait for do not happen. The zeal to make it reality or improvise for even bigger dream is what keeps us truly alive . Rising from the tomb of dead dreams, we craft new dreams and keep on toiling, rejuvenating our thoughts to make us feel man-with-desire.

If all our dreams were to come true, what would our purpose of life be . Probably either ‘over- ambitious expectation’ or ‘completely lethargic behavior’. It’s those broken dreams and our those hopes that never became reality which train us to make smart and achievable goal , explore ourselves and weigh our personalities. It’s such never-happened-dreams which give rise to new dreams.

Trust me it’s not words from a young man with broken dreams or ‘smart’ guy with Internet things, rather words are from a man who didn’t merely wept instead dared to sink oneself in the deep sea of plummeted dreams where he saw more promising dreams being bore and ready to bloom. For world you might seem to be lost, but without exploring inside and deeper part of ourselves, we will be losing precious made-for-us achievement gifted exclusively to us.
Keep dreaming my friend and keep exploring oneself, pearls of life is within us.


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