I’m bottle of wine

I’m bottle of wine
A solution to you problem

In the world full of chaos and frustration
I’m people’s first choice
Sad about career, drink me
Had a break up, drink me
Lonely and alone, drink me
None to talk, drink me

I’m their choice most of the time
Mostly gloomy or sometime bright
Older I get More valuable I become

I am branded by my age
By the fruits picked from the vine
By the depth of sorrows one behold
By height of euphoria one has
By the name of my establishment

I’m recommended when someone fails
I’m remembered when someone passes away
I’m called for when someone is in pain
I’m cited when someone has left

But pity me! my lord! my maker! my lovers!
Who has time to understand me or my pain
Transformation that I had went
From perishable to immortality
I have transfigured my self
From Harvest Press Crush and Ferment
To Clarify, Age, bottling and Brand

I become your wine
sipping all you pain
I transformed to transfigure yourself

I’m bottle of wine
A solution to your problem


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