Choosing the lies

I would rather enjoy the company of lies and imagination and float on the falsely beauty than living the hell of truth full of ugliness. i admire beauty ( not just the skin of human but beyond imagination of billions of people). Beauty are often lies. So i love lies.

Do you really want to know truth. Then listen: You are merely animal with ugly blood vein flowing in your body, carrying shits and dead cells and yucky fluids in your body. Thank to God, for he plastered your body with skin (though of variety of color). How pleasing Right? Bugger off!!!

But if i said,’ Hey beautiful. you look great. smile in your cheeks melt my heart. I can’t imagine living without you. Just love your tone, your body, the eyes and blah blah ( sorry i am not cheesy guy)”

Which would bring instant smile in your face and compel you to say “I am flattered thank you”

Latter, no???

Haha congrats your in my team. But if you chose former, your are my ideal.

Truth is bitter and unbearable so lies were created. Enjoy it!!!


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