A Poem for you

Oh! Those sweetness
In your voice
that can silent
even the loudest noise
echoing in the ears

Those big sparkling eyes
which adorns your beauty
Reflects the purity of yours
I felt when I was you

And the smiles in your face
that’s your gems
I forgot the sadness and misery
When I found my happiness in you

You may have never realized
But trust me my darling
Your are the epitome of creation
Even god is proud of
God is perplexed
For he has known his limits
and limits being you

Poor me! I am just a man
Why wouldn’t I be enchanted
By the heavenly beauty
Masterpiece of Universe
Its not physical beauty and body i am talking about
Its complete you and only You!!!

They say Miracle is rare
Doesn’t happen every-time
But you prove it wrong
Every now and then I see you
there’s always something wonderful
Something ethereal happening to me

When I close my eyes
It’s you I see
When I’m bewildered, its you
Yes it’s you I wanna talk to
When I am lost in the pathway
Its you I want my guide to be
When everything gets broken
It’s you I want to stick by

I do not want to be a sailor
to make a voyage on surface
Reach the destination and make a valediction
For me you are my ocean
I want to dive into
Go deeper and loose myself and again say

I’ve always been a fighter
King of my own Kingdom
But I kneel down for you
I surrender my everything for you
Because You are now my queen
In my every breathe, there’s your name encrypted
My each compartment of hearts beats
Uttering your name and only your name
Without you I am just queen-less bee colony

You deserve the happiness
I want to be reason for this
Call me mad, tag me as lunatic
Its not untrue
I have left my consciousness for you

True its hard confess
Your real feelings
I can write Epics
but I am speechless in front of you
Words fall shorts
and resist to blurt out truths
I am bleeding inside
Bleeding love for you
My darling, here’s a poem for you!!!


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