Six Word Story part 1 

1.Wish I had never seen you

2.I am here without you baby

3.Easy to text, hard to confess

4.Good friends, rare gems, keep safe.

5. I rained love. She had umbrella.

6.Their Second chance lasted a lifetime

7.You are someone’s else poetry now.

8. Unfortunately she changed ‘is’ to ‘was’

9.She does exsit.only in memory

This is my new venture in the blog where I will be collecting six Word stories that I found in Internet, Twitter,  Facebook,  websites or anything. I do not owe every stories written here. For any complaints or story you have,  feel free to email me at  with subject ‘New Story’  or ‘Compliant’. I would highly appreciate if you could spread the word about my this new venture.



for more six word stories go through this link


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