Rustic Lust

Cock-a-doodle-doo Cock-a-doodle-doo
chirrup, chirrup,  chirp, chirp, chirp, tweet
I opened my eyes and roll out from bed
Pulling the curtain and let early rays come in

Gee, that was super beginning
out of my everyday world I had lived in
No notification! No mention!! No ding ding!!!
Pure bliss, you and yourselves only

Influx of fresh pure air from outside
Replaced stale atmosphere inside,
swept away stagnant thoughts
Gifting  me with merry imaginations.

Ain’t these all wonderful life to live
where you see cow’s moo at you
Your dog take out the tounge
wag his tail and try to lick you

And you neighbour’s horse
Take a proud stride
offer you free rustic ride
Ringining the bell mare its tagged with

On they way you stop by yourself
Quack-Quack Quack-Quack
Oh! these mischevious duck and duckling
Let them cross the gravel pathway

Continue to take long rustic stride
waving hellos and exchange smile to beauties
Farm girls watching from window
to have a glance of cowboy

STOP AGAIN! Arg!!! These naughty hen
outsmart you in your ride
and the lillte boy with knife
chasing them for delicacy

Few miles of early morning ride
you see a pair of Swan hissing
in the pond full of fish
Those Crane flying over looking for opportunity

Bleat Bleat Bleat, a large noise interrupts
Shepherd comes with all his sheep
You continue you journey
Grazing cattle in the meadow, you stop there

Taking rest,  you ride on the horse again
watch those pigs snorting in farm
Finally you reach your barn
where you let your muscle work

When its dusk finally
wolves begin to howl and birds flocking into their nest
You too retrace the pathway to home
in same horse

Sweet smell of cookings lures you all
You stop by your favorite inn
that lady comes and pours you your favorite beer or scotch
You drink, laugh, flirt and dance with her and leave

There you are finally at your home
Its not social media or instant messaging
rather counting stars and drawing from clouds
listening to hoot hoot of owl
Writing poem in your diary
that becomes you pastime.

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