Hate now we breed
Fear all we feed
Look at those innocent souls
Decayed by power fouls

Unheard outcry of child
In need of parental love
And mother looking out through windows
To see glimpse of her live Child
Father waiting in balcony
To teach his children skills
His wife longing for the love
But he returns back in box

Money flowing for guns
Muscle used for few Men fun
Music of bombs and blasts
Songs of Command and Fire

Young men march ahead
Beholding so called pride
Fighting for what’s believed to be true
In the World full of conspiracy and hoax

Every second’s Humanity evaporates
Peace becomes utopian desire
Empathy once upon time story
Justice turning vestigial

No one understands why
Stabbing human became common norm
Silence we are forced to be
Culling the advocate of harmony

Wealth seized from citizens
embezzling for tank and troops
Killers Crowned as hero
Victory scaled on bloodshed

How long we face it
For  whom we tolerate this
Questions remain unanswered
We merely left bewildered

Nothing convincing to apprehend
Lies on one side floods of tears another side
All of us compelled to Slay
Coz it’s written fair in war