Six Word Confessions: Aunty

1. Love wins. Thanks for teaching me. 2. Learn to value feeling of others . 3. Never stop Fighting. Life is Beautiful. 4. Life goes through thick and thins. 5. I love pets. Learned from You. 6. Thanks for inculcating environmentalism to me. 7. You taught me to respect Girls. 8. Many have super-heroes. I … Continue reading Six Word Confessions: Aunty


Six Words Confessions : Mother

1. Definition of Love , Sacrifice and Dedication 2. Mommy: Three words. I love you.  3. Mom: Thanks for showing me World 4. Always loved the way you scold. 5. Your Food is always the Best. 6. Sad of Happiness. Always love Family 7. I believe in you not god. 8. An angel send to … Continue reading Six Words Confessions : Mother