7 Reasons to love MUN

If you have bever heard of what is MUN, I advise you to search on MUN at Google . Welcome back readers. I you have ever known me personally,you would have rather known me as MUNner ( phew something I would rather like to be known as ). That’s because ever since I learned about MUN, it has become my passion and I have left no leaf unturned to be a part of this whole Fantasy World that simulates UN and gives you a chance to be a delegate. 

Do you know why I so much advocate for MUN and have spend most of my two years for this. Here I have compiled in 7 points.

  1. Acquainted with Global Issues: It’s a platform of course to discuss on global issues as Delegate of assigned country. You learn what’s happening around the world and what’s each country’s position are on MUN. This rollercoaster ride as Delegate becomes hectic sometime but in the end you get to learn plenty of things about this issues. This is what will broaden your mind. 
  2. Hone Public Speaking:  Literally yes. With so much of factual and intense debating, numerous opportunities to speak that MUN provide within its session, this fan out your fear of Public and gradually master our Public Speaking capabilities. And I have myself felt great change. When I used to be given Microphone and speak ,Dead Silence and Awkwardness was all I used to create. Sweating panting heavy breathing and nail biting. And now Given the stage, I may not speak so fluently and I do stammer a lot, but still I have developed courage of take sometime out there facing Mass. If I can do this, you can do much better.
  3. Efficient expression of your ideas: 90 seconds to pledge World, 2-3 minutes to deliver what you stand and what’s your position, put forward your views while still stabbing opponent with sugarcoated words at short time. Man , this feels way difficult at first . But once you get accustomed to this,   mark my words,  you will see how much better you have become to express your Opinion and sometimes even slay opposite view.
  4. Writing Skills: No doubt,you are delegate and do you really think poor writing will help up. Come on. You need to learn fancy words, Jagron , make compound sentences but all very logical and in digestible form. It should look very professional but easy to grasp by others. This definitely calls for better use of complicated words, improvement in Grammar . This ultimately ends up improving you writing skills.
  5. Persuasion power:  How do you expect US-EU to partner with Arab League, ensure India and Pakistan on the same side. Your masterful of public speaking, better use of words to allure them and of course great Diplomatic skills to persuade them. In MUN , you can always witness how opposite party votes for something that they stand against. This skill will be great blessing in real life.
  6. Networking: it’s so obvious. Do you think man with simple interest ever come to MUN. I say no. I must confess, many of us are crazy bunch of students and youths with a dream to actually represent our country. MUN gives you platform with network with people who share a common dream. Dream to make a world better place to live in. Of course pathways are different. It’s not restricted to particular groups this give you chance to be with many other youths from all walks of Life. This network you have always last forever. Moreover, in any international MUN, you end making brothers from Different Mother and Country. Networking has pivotal role nowadays
  7. Obviously UN Procedure: Being Mock of UN definitely means it has to exactly follow UN procedure. Partaking at MUN give you like a complete package of understanding UN. This make you relaize why UN system fails sometimes and why meeting gets extended.  MUN teaches how distinctly opposite parties sometimes comprehend each others opinions and be on common ground.

I would have added this to the point but It needs special Space. MUN promotes Global Brotherhood. It’s make you realize there are no hero nation and no villian nation. How different we might look but basically we are human. This is what can be always learnt in MUN and it’s post conference sessions. Media biasness get evaporated when you actually meet up people of different countries and get surprised how similar we all are expect for Political and media propaganda. 

To all Munners, Why-to-beMunner and This-is-useless-crap-thinkers, here’s what I have to say. We definitely have 

  1. Fancy dress up: who doesn’t want to look good. It’s to teach you how to be formal not show up.
  2. Have candid photos: Because while being in MUN , we really don’t have much time to pose and these are meant Inspire you not make you jealous
  3. We speak big words. We want to lead World not just a community . What is we say is authentic
  4. We spend but output is more rewarding. Confidences and all those points I have said is worth spending.
  5. Yes , waste of time for you maybe. But you actually can’t debate when we have to face us. We will come up with great deal of research, verification and authentic sources instead of leaning of ‘Self created Philosophy’. We are occupying ourselves with Global Issues in authentic form, learning about Work culture and becoming better Diplomat not Great Critics.
  6. Obviously, It looks so great on Resume and CV. I call it much better than pretending to have fake skills 

So I suggest you all to partake at mun once. And you will understand why I advocate so much about this.

Hear it loud to all those swept by mockery of MUN, Try this once. Spending your time, efforts and everytime here is worth every penny and far better than spending time unncesaarily  on Meme videos or watching some new movies. 

And dear Munners, if you like like. Delegate of this owner, request you all to share this on your wall.đŸ˜‰


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