Six Word Confessions: Aunty

1. Love wins. Thanks for teaching me.

2. Learn to value feeling of others .

3. Never stop Fighting. Life is Beautiful.

4. Life goes through thick and thins.

5. I love pets. Learned from You.

6. Thanks for inculcating environmentalism to me.

7. You taught me to respect Girls.

8. Many have super-heroes. I have aunties 

9. Healthy flirting Okay. Never Play Feelings.

My life would have been absolutely dull If you were not there for me in all my childhood and it’s blessings for me to have you as  my inspiration, Thanks for giving me taste in literature, musics, cartoon, value works of other. Still lot to learn. From the lessons you have taught me. It’s perfectly okay to be not perfect but one’s imperfections should be barometer to all his character. It’s cause of you,I don’t feel like Men are from Mars and Female from Venus. You have taught me value of understanding. I have not still grasped Everything and on learning phase but I could not be more thankful than this. Love you all aunties.


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