Own world

Lost in own thoughts, an escape from brutal reality. Sometime, I am awestruck by my own thoughts , the ride I have iwth it and all those high and low feelings. I enjoy my own fantasy world , where I am perfect Prince, where I have developed most efficient Agirculture Technology, Developed My own Millitary … Continue reading Own world



Her eyes... Nope I don't have any words Coz I am speechless To see those round Dazzling eyes And I wonder Amount of time God had taken For  his masterpiece I applaud his dedication To send beautiful angel here Near by my side And her eyes It's like whole world for me Those sparkles brighten … Continue reading Us…

Government of Dealers/ Deha Byapaari Sarkaar

With Sacar live video flooding whole nepali  youngeneration facebook, I searched for his videos. His many videos were dope. Continuing with this, I went for different recommended youtube videos. There was very interesting video of Swami D and yes PSPN "Baal Ho" followed by their new song "Who's your Daddy". While I will leave the … Continue reading Government of Dealers/ Deha Byapaari Sarkaar