Love and Marriage part1(incomplete…)

This is absolutely my personal views. You can jibe my thoughts but not me. Perhaps, I might be wrong so whatever you find yourselves uncomfortable with, comment here, I would entertain. Perhaps, my views could be changed too or yours who Knows.



So what image you got. A girl like an angel and six-pack guy swinging in those typical mystic lands with heart-shaped backgrounds and blah blah. or Perhaps your image of the girls or boys you like, are attached with or consider a couple. And FYK, it’s honestly very vague. Can be defined in all the way possible, sluttier than anyone you have ever met and equally purer than anyone or anything you ever claim.


I know I Know, if you have ever got a slight hint of my personal life , you have all the privilege to gossip,”See who is talking about love”, someone left unloved’ for 2 decades and more, someone with no gfs at all, blah blah shit. It did matter to me a lot, there was those such stupid time!! You know like, many of your friends fall in love. they don’t have time for friendships anymore, they lost in their own world and everything. You are left with nowhere to go, then you forcefully search for the love of your life, everything goes in vain, you feel like missing biggest part of life and everything. well, I have been master of these things. Perhaps the only one with sadly no exs or someone who has pale-boring stories or experience to share in ‘macho’ gang or during those boys night out.

Then one day, it got me like: Hey man! Do i really need to worry about these at all. I am thriving so are other people with or without love, survival is irrespective of having other halves. This got me a question, so is this actually the love we are trying to convince ourselves. After short trip with melancholoy and monotnous life of mine, I started gaining momentum once again, when instead of limiting myself to my comfortzone, I started becoming social. BAM!!! This is when  I realized, its wasn’t such thing called love that was putting me at the grave of lonliness but rather my own thoughts. I started becoming happy and normal once again, learned to live without leaning on anyone specific and more than that got different views about life and oh yes love again.

In all the countless conversation that I have become part of,I find it literally amusing how the word ‘love’ has been narrowed down to just one girl or a boy . This make me question about love in itself. There are these people who have been having ‘true love’ but with different person, and then there are these couple with constant fight


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