Poem for her 

As River crashes bank
Gives you tingling feel in foot
Like cool breeze on the bank
At autumn time of Year

Like flowers blooming on season
Bees foraging there
Enchanted by Fragrance
Attracted by vibrant colors

Seeing you took me to heaven
Where you were the only angel
It made me euphoric
Unstoppable the feelings were!!!

Things I have for you is unshaken
Like Sunrise and sunsets
Thinking about you now is
My daily routine and a habit

To dream of our future together
Holding each other hands
Walking down the aisle
As I kneel down
Asking for your love
Requesting for your eternal happiness

I bow in front of your creators
Asking for their bliss
And I proudly pledge
How much will I continue
Continue to love till last breath
Continue to make you happy
I pledge for our satisfaction
For new Love story in making

Then I proudly take you with me
Still holding each other hands
I wink at you
And you reply with the sweetest smile

We wave  to our loved ones
Walking towards path of our own world
Nothing more nothing less
You, me and just us
And our dreams
Dreams we weaved together

In the midst of autumn
When I return back from work
And As I present you flowers from our garden
You kiss me the cheeks whisper your plans
It became our daily routine though
But we still take those long walks

Alas!! These are only my thoughts
You absolutely unaware of
You left deep impression
Something I could never escape
Like trees shading leaves in winter
These merry dreams tarnish
You walk down your paths
Here I still wait for you, my destiny !!!


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