Government of Dealers/ Deha Byapaari Sarkaar

With Sacar live video flooding whole nepali  youngeneration facebook, I searched for his videos. His many videos were dope. Continuing with this, I went for different recommended youtube videos. There was very interesting video of Swami D and yes PSPN “Baal Ho” followed by their new song “Who’s your Daddy”.

While I will leave the songs to free for your judgment, what I must confess is I actually loved the beat of their music. It’s fun to enjoy.And one thing that must not be left unnoticed is their heavy investment on foreign models and show off of such luxurious lifestyles.

I loved the tone of PSPN. and here when I liked his page very recently, just two days back, I was gifted with his songs.

“Deha Byapaari Sarkaar”… The title of his songs in itself speaks volumes about the content. and All those lines. If I have to be honest, this song brings out the tears to all those Nepalese who had to face such situation. It doesn’t have to be yourself, but your family members, someone who you were closed with and now are facing everything described on this videos.


Each and every line of this songs speaks volumes and shows how much pain our Nepalese brothers are suffering. Born in Nepal, and we are very unfortunate to dream ourselves earning and succeeding on the foreign land leaving our motherland. Leaving our parents in the hand of faith.All those broken families lost the culture of ours. How we contribute to the development of other nation at cheap labor, invest all our youthful energy on foreign land in the hope of getting some ransom.

There are no such firm policies to protect our brother who is used like the prostitute of brothels. Government is silence and dreams of much Nepalese are slayed by foreign owner in the foreign land.  Many desires put in the grave, never permitting it to grow. The remittance they send always go in the hand of corruption and all those working for the labor right turns blind for their rights. Because of heavy loan,  extra hardwork and all those suffering, they return on the coffin killed by own hand. (tears are unstoppable as we realize what has been said in lyrics are not untrue)

We are born to be sold in the foreign land by the Government themselves. Our muscle is sold.This is no different than prostitution so our Government is the owner of the brothel. This is the main message of the music.


The one thing that hit me most is “Born in Nepal but search for the future on Foreign land” i. e “Jamyo Nepal ma tara bhabisya bidesh ma khoji rako chha”. This is applicable to all Nepali denizen irrespective of the education level, economic and social status.


tune it one and comment below how you liked it.




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