Social Media Withdrwal: First 12 hours

Its, of course, a very common norm for everyone with the internet, smartphone/laptop and with some time to kill, to be attached and associate our life on social media especially on facebook, twitter and Instagram. After all, we can share whatever we feel, what we have from teeny tiny matter to things that actually matter.

Memes, Trolls, tagging friends, chatting sharing things and posting status, our moods, our thoughts, our daily activities have now become such a common norm. I am not ashamed to share how much I have attached myself to social media. Especially types of people I have befriended on Twitter and Facebook.

I went on a trip with my brother yesterday, It was common for us to take snap after all I had recently bought Cannon Camera and thirst to take quality photos had not gone. Then when we started taking pictures for perfect caption and to share on social media not just to capture our moments. It hit me hard. Is it really necessary to share everything we do on social media?

I know, I myself am avid social media users. I realized how much time it has ceased, we don’t live for the moments anymore. When there’s anything exciting, we just unlock the screen and boom we go for the live session.  Just to boast how much fun we are having. When we dance, we no longer dance for the fun but to capture the video or go for the live session and show the whole world what we are doing. Is it really necessary, whenever you have parties with your loved one or with your friends or close associates, whenever you are dancing enjoying live music session or doing the thing that’s for making moments to be compulsorily shared on the facebook, make it LIVE and flash it out? Can’t we just take some rest from this social media and actually enjoy these time we are having. I am not out of such phenomena either but I must say all those best moments that I have ever had, I have never felt urge to post it on facebook or make the tweet about it. All those hangouts that we have, all those talks that we do and little moments that we share, many of mine have gone without taking selfies or photos. And again, I do share many of such moments, not necessarily on my will, but on the saying of my friends and colleagues. Quite Paradoxical.

I find it as an act of publicity and garner attention, yet I continue to post most of my activities on Facebook. ITs like getting guilty pleasure. all those dots we put on the new friendship, making videos viral and of course commenting on old posts, I have been very active part of these. I have enjoyed it lots of time as well. Best way to kill time and also prove “hey!look how much time I have to waste.” After a while, I feel like, what am i doing with my life. why so much of wasting of time and ponder about my own errands that needs to be completed.


So, today, I decided to deactivate all my facebook accounts, Instagram, twitter, and snapchat. It’s been already 12 hours since I did this. In these time, I don’t feel like I have missed anything important or crucial. Yet, urge to open it has occurred like thousand times. Its occurring in every 5 minutes. But I am firmly holding on not to open Facebook for one week this time then make it one month and likewise.

I deleted all those apps. I actually feel quite peaceful. I have written about 2-page drafts of my thesis which was on pending since I was occupied by social media. I am writing this article. I had time to complete many of my household chunks. I feel like having so much time as I did more research for my thesis that I had ever done in last 7 days. Quite an impressive progress for me.  Not to mention, I have already started the habit of reading New York Times, Washington DC and similar other news paper. I am feeling good and if all goes well, I will continue to share my article on social media withdrawal.



7 thoughts on “Social Media Withdrwal: First 12 hours

      1. I don’t count WordPress as social media : no messagesing , no unncesaary sharing and WordPress is content filled . It’s blog, way different from social media


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