Leaving Social Media

It’s been more than 4 days since I deactivated my Facebook, Messanger and Instagram. Also, I have uninstalled Twitter and Snapchat and all other social media apps. All that I do now is occupy myself with WordPress, YouTube educational section and of course reading some quality magazine. (Still to all ,I do use Viber occasionally as an alternative to SMS , I no longer use it for chatting. Alps I am not sure if WordPress and YouTube is considered as social media or not).

I feel like I was victim of social media post. Comparing my life with the short moments they have lived.

First thing that I am enjoying about my this new phase is, I am now connecting with people I care actually. I no longer feel like keeping myself updated with everyone and every minute. Now, I talk with my own Friends, do Message people I care and also I have restarted habit of meeting them in person. My friends, they do often complain to continue social medias, but I resisting it. In fact, now I have found a new hobby of reading magazine and learning about new software or visiting new places. 
I feel very great. It’s been not more than 100 hours, but I feel like reliving new life. Well, you might find this as irony on how am I sharing this on WordPress. Firsthand thin is I don’t have much followers to consider this as social site or something like Twitter. Secondly, it’s like online dairy for me. I don’t force other to read this. I do share the fact that I have WordPress, please make a visit once but still I don’t impose. 
Happy No Social Media Life. (Make me brave to continue this 😉😉)

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