Her eyes…
Nope I don’t have any words
Coz I am speechless
To see those round
Dazzling eyes

And I wonder
Amount of time God had taken
For  his masterpiece
I applaud his dedication
To send beautiful angel here
Near by my side

And her eyes
It’s like whole world for me
Those sparkles brighten my day
And as she blinks her eyes
My heart beats her name

But again I complain to god
You send and angel
Made me fall for her
But why so single side

I wish I could deny this
But every time I see her
Her big round eyes
And eye lashes she embellished with
I fail to stand by myself
I feel need of her

Who will compensate this 
The impression she left in my heart
God: by making another creation
Or giving her heart to love me?

And thought of our future
We loving each other
Walking together
It hurts like a hell
I understand this is false hope
Merely surreal dream
And yet I can’t stop myself

I tried to occupy my time
Kept myself busy
Still, nano second of free time
Her thoughts roam around
Sigh!!! I get this meaning of…
So close yet so Far

I am not a beggar
Yet I beg for her love
Not an emotional person
But can’t control felling for her

I want to escape
Reach to Those places where 
her memories and Her thoughts doesn’t Hunt
But where ???

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