Own world

Lost in own thoughts, an escape from brutal reality. Sometime, I am awestruck by my own thoughts , the ride I have iwth it and all those high and low feelings. I enjoy my own fantasy world , where I am perfect Prince, where I have developed most efficient Agirculture Technology, Developed My own Millitary strategy, progressed in space science and yes of course had perfect Corruption free democracy. 

And then ,I am once again forced to face the reality, uncanny and cruel, filled with imperfections and greeds, the place where being selfless doesn’t exist and even if one is they are considered gullible. 

And this  fertilize my thoughts in antagonist way, as I start to reimagine my own world free of cruelty and dishonesty. Love exist in pure form where you don’t have to be fake. You find the best matches and no regrets no exes no need of lieing Everything as first time : first time being intimate,first time falling in love and blha blah. A world, where there is no difference on anything. Humanity serves. Where income gap is insignificant and I as Crowned Prince is De facto leader to maintain this prosperity. ,

Here, we have tackled Climate Changes. Trump like people can never stand up for election, let alone win it there no nuclear war or threat or any religious rebels. Peace at its highest peak.  Racisim is something that never existed. Skin tone is tone nothing superior or inferior. 

In my world, punishment is made through realization. They go through the purgatory when alive. 

No any broken heart, no misery, happy love life. Perhaps, most powerful imagination I ever do is about love. I ponder myself, what am I supposed to do . Boom! I create my own world where people  never suffer. Where people understand who is faking and who is revealing truths. Where love is healer not source of misery like in real world.

Perhaps, it’s because of my own mysery and dark life. Never had any emtional connection with anyone. I feel awful, so much to share but none to share with. We don’t speak same language of emtoions , yet feelings I have for her is unshaken, true , purer than 24 carat gold.
This is what gives me insomnia and remain to my own creation, to my own world where she is now my princess and soon to be Queen.

Yet these are imagination. I have to come back to reality where she is not mine. Where lust is another name of love and comes in all disguised form. A world where feelings have become old stories. A world where we are concentrated for our own materialistic greeds . A world where we spend millions on medicine but never ponder for it’s cause. And my imagination is my relief and greatest healer.

As I leave, I question you all: 

Ever wonder what’s its like to have corruption free society?

Every wonder what’s its like to live with no racisim or any form of discrimination?

Ever wonder where things are thought for sustainability?

Ever wonder what’s its like to live in utopian society?

Ever wonder what happens when we truly respect feeling?

Ever made second thought on all your suffering?

Ever wonder what’s its like to connect with your soul? Have someone to love you with no greeds or disguised as lust?

Ever wonder what it like to wonder?

One Love. AAlways 


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