This is how we are doing? Right!!!

So, early in the morning, I saw this photo flowing out in the social media. So many thoughts came in mind. Here, I have written my expression and thoughts as it is: This is nothing but a way to gain the publicity which they have become very successful to. If i have to say, this … Continue reading This is how we are doing? Right!!!

The Stories

Just doing what I love. Photography is one of the cherished hobbies and with the advent of sophisticated camera, this phenomena has taken a moment; how would i remain untouched of it? Thus, with camera or any other devices, I opened this new page to share my photos I have taken. What's more: I am … Continue reading The Stories

Documentary Review: An Inconvenient Truth

“An Inconvenient Truth”, a documentary prepared by  Davis Guggenheim starring Al Gore, is a powerful video about global warming and climate change which preach the world about on-going global warming and climate changes caused mainly my anthropogenic activities. The 97 minutes long movie released at May 24th, 2006 consists of multimedia presentation on Climate Changes … Continue reading Documentary Review: An Inconvenient Truth