Rustic Lust

Cock-a-doodle-doo Cock-a-doodle-doo chirrup, chirrup,  chirp, chirp, chirp, tweet I opened my eyes and roll out from bed Pulling the curtain and let early rays come in Gee, that was super beginning out of my everyday world I had lived in No notification! No mention!! No ding ding!!! Pure bliss, you and yourselves only Influx of … Continue reading Rustic Lust

A Poem for you

Oh! Those sweetness In your voice that can silent even the loudest noise echoing in the ears Those big sparkling eyes which adorns your beauty Reflects the purity of yours I felt when I was you And the smiles in your face that's your gems I forgot the sadness and misery When I found my … Continue reading A Poem for you

7 points relatable to every friends fan

​Friends for us is undoubtedly the best sit com ever created for at least us. No matter how much rerun we watch, we can just never get enough. And we cannot possibly imagine never watching them. From rewatching the series to getting occupied at insta , Facebook, Twitter YouTube to every magazine and pages, we … Continue reading 7 points relatable to every friends fan

Excursion of Maps : Visit to Meghauli, Tandi and Devghat

Excursion is needless to say great prospect to explore the place from an eye of academician. It provideas plethora of opportunities to understand one’s knowledge on particular subject and it gives us vision and knowledge to understand subject matter at depper level.  Knowledge gained during excursion are imprinted vividly in mind for longer period of … Continue reading Excursion of Maps : Visit to Meghauli, Tandi and Devghat

Honey Bee Products

Honeybees and human civilization has strong connotation since the early time. Honeybess have been used for different purposes to satisfy the man’s need and make a prosperous civilization. Most of the honeybee products can be classified into two types: Animal Origin and Plant origin. Animal origin honey products include: Royal Jelly Bee Wax Beebread Bee … Continue reading Honey Bee Products

Do school Kill Creativity

Powerful TED talk bu Sir Ken Robinson. Its almost decade since the TED talk was done. But the powerful messages amid the social-media uprising and pressure from all over the world, Its bare to find any school/colleges that promotes the creativity. Promoting is far thing, they actually are killing it. With pre-formed notes and rigid … Continue reading Do school Kill Creativity

Revisiting Queens of Hill

On last week of August 2015, we had our Eastern tour fixed by University. So we were in hurry to pack our bags and get prepared for this cursion of amazing Eastern Nepal. Being neighbour of our destination, we expanded our tour to Darjeeling and Sikkim as well. Fun begins from there.   It was … Continue reading Revisiting Queens of Hill