On legalization of Beef Meat

(Note: for any hardcore Hindu Nationalist/ extremely religious sensitive people, it is better advised to leave this article as soon as possible. For those swinging in between 'liberalism, secularism, accepting of multi-culturalism' and 'Hindu Nationalism' , well you can actually test yourself and find your position. This is my views, you can comment but do note … Continue reading On legalization of Beef Meat


Nepal and Animal Worshipping Culture

  It was on October of 2015 when news spreading across the internet which claimed origin of dogs were from Central Asia noticeably Nepal. If it's true, Nepal surely gets yet another applauding praise for its establishment in animal friendly culture. With many animals being worshiped for their contribution to human being or taken as … Continue reading Nepal and Animal Worshipping Culture

Is carbon trade/market Justifiable? (Part 2)

So this is my second post of the series ‘Is carbon Trade/market Justifiable’. To read part 1 please Click Here. List of useful links exclusively for the carbon offset is listed here. Happy Reading!!! On this article, I will focus on carbon offset.   What is Carbon Offset? Carbon offset in simple term is reduction of … Continue reading Is carbon trade/market Justifiable? (Part 2)

Honey Bee Products

Honeybees and human civilization has strong connotation since the early time. Honeybess have been used for different purposes to satisfy the man’s need and make a prosperous civilization. Most of the honeybee products can be classified into two types: Animal Origin and Plant origin. Animal origin honey products include: Royal Jelly Bee Wax Beebread Bee … Continue reading Honey Bee Products

Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity

‘Hey, What are you painting, boy?’ I asked him sneaking at the drawing he was concealing. Timid as he was, Manoj swayed the paper towards me. Mesmerising!!!  I hurriedly called Richa Neupane (my friend and classmate) and Bindu sisteri. They couldn’t take their eyes off so was with Nabin and Anju.   Clouds floating in … Continue reading Route of Top Echelon of Prosperity

Peace as i Know

  I gasped some courage and sneaked out through the window, dragging the curtain little bit. Outside the tempestuous storm was sweeping away everything. People were aghast at continuous downpour coupled with thunderbolt. Stormcloud of rattled feelings loomed inside my head. The massive shake  few days back left us tensed and anxious. But we didn’t … Continue reading Peace as i Know